Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lookie Lookie!

Plans to go to Provo and take my sister out for a birthday lunch have been sidelined because DH woke up this morning with pink eye. Now we are going to make a trip to the doctor instead.
But the good news is I managed to make some impressive changes in my scrap room. I inherited a large paper cabinet from a friend, who bought it at a yard sale. I think it was originally in a school or office.
I was thrilled to have it, but there were a few problems that made it inconvenient. For one thing, it was designed for 81/2 X 11 inch paper, and I buy paper in 12 X 12 sheets. Shortly after the cabinet took up residence in my house, I filled up all the slots with magazines, paper and scraps given to me by a friend who works in a printer supply company. The problem is, I have long outgrown this paper because I don’t like the colors and it is not acid free.
Second, several of the shelves had shaken loose, and in order to replace them I needed to take the back off the unit.
I could have passed the cabinet on to my school teacher husband, but the cat used it as a perch and a gateway to the basement window, her favorite way to get in and out of the house.
Yesterday, I decided things had to change. I had nothing to lose because the cabinet was essentially useless in its current state. Besides, I wouldn’t be out any money if I destroyed it. The loss of the cat perch would make her unhappy, but oh well!
After hours of sorting and tossing paper, prying out nails with a screwdriver, and using vice grips to get some of the shelves out of the cabinet, I was done.
I chortled to myself with glee as I hammered the nails back into the cabinet, telling my DS-11, who was hanging around helping me “your mommy is amazing.”
You can see the final results in this photo.
Now, I need to figure out a way to change the color of the photo boxes. I tried covering one last night with paper (it is a scrap room, after all!) But I had to piece the paper to get enough of it to cover one box.
I’m now considering buying a large selection of paper, using wrapping paper, spray painting them all a uniform color or (gasp!) trying my hand with Contact Paper.
Suggestions would be welcome.


Tawnya said...

I LOVE your new scrap space unit! How awesome is that? :) I am a dreaming :)

Karen said...

I'm envious of your cabinent. I can think of so many uses for such a thing!!!

Corinnexxx said...

love it!! I am getting my scraproom in just 2 weeks and I can shop soon, can;t wait if I see this!


Bro said...

You could try chewing gum! No, wait that's for washing machines. DW has inhearited a large role of construction paper from one of her teacher friends but it's orange. We have used this lovely colored paper to cover wire baskets that we rescued from the "Bateman pool" before it was torn down this fall. And nailed them to the wall of the TV room to hold stuff. Maybe your DH could score some better colored construction from work?

Dar said...

You go girl! Congrats on getting organized.

Sophia said...

I'm impressed! Extremely impressed! Most excellent... and sooooooo functional! Ya dun good!

Happy Sunday!

Wyo sis said...

I vote for spray paint. Last, absolutly last, resort is contact paper. Take it from a sadder but wiser person. Contact paper is for shelves and books.

Jennifer said...

I don't know if it is available yet, but Chatterbox released big rolls of their papers just for projects like this at Memory Trends. I thought they were gorgeous, and they would perfect for covering boxes. Or you could paint the box and cover the lid with coordinating paper to add pattern. Have fun whatever you do!

Miss Carrie said...

Oh my word...that cabinet is delicious! Can I have it???

Barb said...

Wow, this cabinet looks amazing! You sure have been a busy bee this January! Good for you! :D

(Btw, it's me... scrappin-Barb, just in case you're wondering who your blog stalker is! LOL)

Catherine said...

fabric & spray adhesive. I cover albums this way all the time. It holds up much better than paper and it is easier to work with. There is also limitless possibilities for color & pattern.