Thursday, January 19, 2006

A perfect storm

Lake effect, or is it Lake Affect, snow has hit my town.
I believe I’ll be staying home today holed up in my scrap room playing with paper. Sure, now and then I might have to get up to fold laundry, or throw a new batch in the dryer. But my plans to go out today have been sidelined by several inches of snow. I was going to buy bread, some more embroidery floss so I can complete a scrapbook page in progress, and maybe even go out for lunch.
Instead, I will throw some flour, water, and a few other ingredients in the bread machine, get creative with my scrapbook page, and open a can of soup. Maybe I’ll even whip up some hot chocolate. Yummmmm.
Tonight, if I’m not mistaken, is another new season of “Survivor.” I love the new season when I get to size everyone up and make snap decisions about who I think will win.

I’m never right, of course. But my pick always ends up in the final seven, at least. Usually those skinny girls slip under my radar. Of course, they slip under everyone else’s radar, too. That’s why they win.
I would be perfectly happy, were it not for the fact that DH is driving into the big city today for a workshop. Once he gets home to a batch of fresh bread and something warm out of the crock pot, life will be very, very, good.

I just hope the power doesn't go out!

I am editing this post to include this story my niece put in her blog about my nephew ( her brother) who Paul was mentioned in a local news story about a volunteer group he is involved in. I just wanted to share the article.
Shoveling into hearts
By Denise Albiston
Group removes snow for those who can’t
For more than two years, Kevin Isakson has been the organizer of the volunteer group called Helping Hands, but he is better known around the valley as the snow-shoveling guy.
“We just want him to know how much we appreciate him,” said Kim Jolley, a Logan resident who uses a wheelchair. “If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have our snow shoveled.”
Kim and her husband Wayne said this is the third winter Isakson and his Helping Hands crew has relieved some of their winter burden. She said there just aren’t enough good things to say about the group other than: “It’s genuine kindness.”
This act of kindness all started a few years ago while Isakson was working at a local retail store. He was asked by a wheelchair-bound neighbor if he could stop by and shovel off her walkway. He eagerly agreed to help the woman out, and since he walked past her house daily, he just continued to shovel her walk the remainder of the winter.
“It got me to thinking that there must be a lot more people who need help,” Isakson said.
So for the past few years, the Utah State University student has formed a volunteer group that removes snow from homes of those who are unable to do so themselves. He said whether they are elderly, disabled or both, the cost is free and comes with a smile.
“We are freezing outside,” Isakson said, “but our hearts are warm inside.”
This year Helping Hands has about 14 volunteers and about 30 clients. He said for now, the volunteer group limits itself to homes in Logan, but he hopes the idea will spread into nearby communities, eventually becoming valley wide.
Paul Bowling, one of Helping Hands’ most dedicated volunteers, has spent more time shoveling snow than any other group member. Isakson said he is a lasting member of the group, always willing to help.
“I love it,” Bowling said. “It gives us an opportunity to help those who need help and get some exercise at the same time.”


Benita said...

Wow, great pics! We got about 4 inches of snow yesterday, too which I posted some pics of in my blog.

Corinnexxx said...

man what a snow!! come on show us what you created!


Bro said...

That's cool of Paul to do that. I had no idea but that sounds like something Gordo would do.

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPEA) said...

HOLY MACRIL!!! That is a LOAD of snow. Your first pic cracked me up... looks like me back in Alaska thinking "NO WAY am I going out there!" LOL


Wyo sis said...

I believe it is lake effect and the behavior you displayed in response to it is lake affect. Good old Paul always pleasently surprising his mother!