Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Christmas crackers

I just finished making this as a possible make-and-take idea for my LSS.
It is a Christmas Cracker, based on the traditional English holiday treat.
One cracker is placed at the plate of every family member, guest, what have you.
You and a partner pull them apart and if the stars are aligned they open with a "pop" spilling treats in your lap.
I have made them several times before using wrapping paper. I made them once for a woman's church party and I have made them for DH to take to school.
You fill them with appropriate treats, fortunes, gifts and toys, etc.
They would be a lot of fun for a birthday party, formal Christmas party, Thanksgiving event, or even (dare I say it) a wedding.
The unfortunate thing is I use toilet paper rolls. But they could be made with wrapping paper or paper towel rolls, if you want to be a little more ~ discrete.


Wyo sis said...

Oh you must be kidding! Who cares where the tube comes from. This is a great idea, I may steal it. Do you put a firecracker in it?

SageHen said...

It is possible to buy cracker noise makers, but I don't bother. My crackers make more of a tearing sound than a popping sound. Oh well.

Cindy Lee said...

totally cute! I agree, who the heck cares where the tube comes from - anything filled with treats, chocolate, is "gooooood" with me, lol! hugs and hope you are doing great!