Monday, October 30, 2006

Random thoughts

I went to a corn maze and this is what I saw. Actually, it was a sorghum maze. Apparently kids take the corn cobs and throw them at each other, which makes the maze less than safe.
I've been writing a list of names for our kitten, should we ever get the kitten. I called the Camelot Pet Spa and Health Resort to find out if we could come by tomorrow and pick out a new fur baby. They told me the kittens are there, but they are suffering from a "respatory infection" commonly called a cold. They are only six weeks old, but their mommy wasn't doing a very good job of taking care of them so they are hanging out at the Spa getting healthy.
As it currently stands, we won't be able to pick up the kitten for a couple of weeks.
Here are some of the names under consideration: Lily, Winter, Clover, Mojo and Buster (if we decide to go with a male).
I prefer females, although I'm not sure why. I think it has something to do with them being good hunters.
Tomorrow is Halloween. I'm not excited but A is thrilled. I was called and asked to man one of the booths at the Primary carnival. Oh joy.
After the carnival we will have Trunk or Treat.
The kids are home today and tomorrow because of a school break. I don't know if it's harvest break or deer hunting holiday or what, but if I'm on the computer you can bet L is pacing around behind me waiting for his turn.
I guess that's enough random facts of my life for now. I'll check in later if I get good Halloween costume photos.


Big Sis said...

Clover is nice

Hillbilly sister said...

How about the name Camelot in honor of the Pet Spa.

Wyo sis said...

I love the corn maze safety issues! I sure hope none of our kids ever gets a blister. Especially at school (the lawsuit makes the mind boggle) We have a new heath policy which requires treats to be sugar free* and wrapped. (*the first and second ingredient cannot be sugar). The kids have to go outside for recess unless they have a note or the school declared an indoor day because of weather issues. I am just waiting fot the first lawsuit against the teacher who gives a child a Skittle. I tried going to little things like eraser caps etc. but the first thing the kids did was put them in their mouths and suck on them so as to attach them to various parts of their body. I can see it now "Teacher charged with felony child endangerment when she gives child a small object to swallow." So the teachers friend, instant small rewards, has been removed and when we can't hold the children's interest or keep them on task we will be charded with failure to educate.
Yes! ride that Hobby Horse! You touched a nerve.
I love the name Pepsi. I loved the cat we had named Pepsi and I love Pepsi. After 3 tries and much angst I think I may have a black mother-of-the-groom dress that is neither vulgar nor beautiful, but will cover the subject for less than $100.00. It hasn't arrived yet, but if the stars are aligned properly it will fit and not show my g's.
WHAT!? You mean I should make a comment on the blog subject??? Don't be silly.

SageHen said...

There is no law requiring the blog response to match the blog. If you wish to discuss Skittles and Mother of the Bride dresses,I am thrilled just to hear from you!

Lil Bro said...

How about Dr. Crusher or Worf or Picard or some other STNG name. Wesly perhaps.