Sunday, October 08, 2006

We are in love

Boo came to visit yesterday and I don’t think her feet have hit the ground for ten minutes straight since she joined us. (Except for the three hours we had her locked in the bathroom while we went to church.)
She is such a frail little thing she is rather like holding a ball of dandelion fluff. But she is a little scrapper. She has a remarkably loud voice, and knows how to use it. And very sharp claws.
DS-L wants to offer her owners (for whom we are cat sitting) $20 if they let us keep her. But I don’t see that happening, they are rather charmed by her as well.
She was rather frisky last night while I was trying to take photos on a slow shutter speed:

This is all I managed to get.

Jumping at the camera lense.

Playing with a feather.

falling down while cleaning herself.

It was better this morning with the light streaming through the windows on our sofa.

After lunch DSs settled down to play a few video games. This is where I last saw them.
It’s going to be a sad day when she goes home tomorrow.


danielle said...

omg I want that kitten. So adorable. tfs Danielle

Connie said...

Ooooooh your friend's kitten is adorable. You are good to "babysit" when the kitten is so little.
Are you still thinking you might get one for yourselves??

pudding for brains said...

She loves L!! Ah! I have my baby back...Until you again recieve custody this weekend! You are a good friend to "kitty sit" my poor needy kitten!
She's CRAZY, and we love it!! She has already sat on my shoulder for about 1 1/2 hours today....

olaf said...

After I saw your kid playing on one photos I started thinking about my blog - not blogspot in english but in polish - there are lot's of posts about parties and staff that I'm not really sure that my kids schould read before 18/21 year old.

Uff... I still have some time to think about that ;]