Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I feel a new obsession stirring

Today I interviewed a woman with a most fascinating skill; she makes her own rubber stamps out of ordinary erasers. Using the tools employed by people who make wood cuts, she carves elaborate little designs and stamps them on the pages of her version of scrapbooks, art journals.
Once again I am intrigued by the many different directions people can go with paper crafts.
Her books were marvelous. She started as a book binder, and keeps her personal journal in between the covers of antique books, removing the original pages and installing her own sheets of paper in their stead.
I will admit to coveting her talent, just for a minute. But since I don’t have her talent, I certainly plan to expand upon the ideas she showed me.


Karen said...

I've been carving stamps for years. You can use erasers or stamp block and carve them with lino cutters. I've done quite a few and have a friend who has carved some beautiful stamps. Have fun... it is addicting!

Karen said...

P.S. look here stampinthebox.com/carving.asp
and here
for fun carving stuff...
btw, letterboxing is soooo fun and I bet you boys would love it. I even have 3 letterboxes out there in the world!

Wyo sis said...

OK don't go so fast I'm just getting a little intrigued by this card thing I see you doing and now we are off on carving our own stamps. I think I can skip this one. Carving stamps is like decorating cakes---not for the sloppy and impatient.

bro said...

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