Friday, October 20, 2006

The friendly goat

I've been a scrapping fool this week because I haven't had any work assignments. It's been positively heavenly to be able to spend some time at home, clean up the basement and the scrap room and play in my paper a little bit.
It's not going to last. I have two story assignments and a meeting next week. But I have learned to grab the gusto when I can get my hands on it.
This is another page my boys think is "a little girly." That was before they saw the lettering and the flower in the corner, hehehehe. But I am very impressed with myself.
The colors are a little off in this photo.
The goats live across the street from my "hillbilly sister." When we were visiting my sister's family this summer I heard the goats bleating and had to go over and visit them. I do love animals, from a safe distance, of course. They were quite friendly little creatures, although DS-L claimed they bit his fingers. Goats do that, you know, it's called nibbling and it's just their way of exploring the world around them.
BTW, Wyo Sis. I need to call you and get some details about the wedding. You little hints are just not enough information!
Where are they going to live? Are you having a reception in Wyoming? Have you met the girl yet? These are all important pieces of information to be given to the favorite aunt. I am the favorite, am I not?


Wyo sis said...

OK here goes. I'll try to focus long enough to do this. I have been soooooo sick this week. I live on Nyquil. They took out the psudoeffedrin and that must be important, because it only works for about 4 hours now.
They will live for a while in Teasdale in the FS bunkhouse. We are not having a reception in Wyoming. I have not met M yet, they are coming this next week. S is driving her home from NC where she has been working for a Jiffy Lube place, NOT as a receptionist. K, S and her brother went to NC this weekend to go to a NASCAR race. She was there just to work and hang out with her sis while her sis and friend went to college. She was going to stay until just before Christmas but you know how love changes things. The wedding is on the 18th in Portland. We will go to Loa the Saturday after Thanksfiving for the reception. We plan on driving everywhere, because I don't think flying would be a good idea with Gordon's eye. I have sent for a black Mother-of-the-groom dress with white embroidery. I hope I don't look like a locomotive in it. All the family is supposed to be in black and white. We got G a new black sport coat and matching slacks. We could have gotten a Tux for only a little more, but we have fewer reasons to need a tux than a black jacket.
This little girl can do everything, cook, do math, grease a car, play basketball on a scholarship, be a sterling scholar, and most important to S keep a clean house. I feel like the dog in the old Indian legend. When the horses are sent to the people they are called Sacred Dogs, because "they can do everything your dogs can do and more." She is the Sacred Wife because she can do everything your mom can do, and more.

SageHen said...

Black and White. Interesting choice.
S wants a clean house? Whatever for?
I'm sorry you are sick, that has to suck big time with everything else going on in your life. How is G doing?

Karen said...

Cute layout. If you want to make a scrapbox on thanskgiving (if your in star valley) let me know and I'll tell you what you'll need.

Big Sis said...

I can not for the life of me why someone would want BLACK and white for a wedding for crying out loud. I don.t even like black at funerals! I would not choose black for my funeral. I would more likely request that visitors wear anything but black.

Wyo sis said...

Black and white is what she wants the family to wear. The reception colors are blue and gold. I got the dress and yes I do, by golly, look like a locomotive in it, and not only that a locomotive in a too tight dress. I have to send it back and get yet a bigger one. Sigh. Well, G loves me and that is OK. Onward and upward as soon as I quit feeling like something the cat scraped off of the bottom of his box.

Hillbilly sister said...

I have been there and done that, that is, sick for a wedding. It is not fun! I didn't realized that you had taken pictures of the goats. They are kind of cute, I just wish I could hear them bleat! I love your layout! I wouldn't choose black and white either, but believe it or not I can understand why. It is a little different.