Friday, October 13, 2006

A few frightening things

Ack! The computer CPU (?) is overheating and I’m going to have to send my baby away for repairs this weekend.
This does not bode well.
I have a story to interview/write today and a deadline for ScrappinTrends on Oct. 15, plus now I need to back up everything (photos!!!) before the computer goes to the shop, assuming it doesn’t crash before I get everything done.
If I were a different kind of person I would be in a full fledge panic. But since I have DH to do the panicking, I’m pretending all is well in computerland and writing my blog.
We went to a local amusement park yesterday. I was given the tickets through my work in July, but as we were visiting my sister on July 24 we held onto the tickets until later. This weekend was UEA (Utah Educator’s Association) which means school is out for two days. Wonder of wonder, DH had Thursday free from his moonlighting job, too, so we went to the park.
It was a mildly diverting event. It was nice and cool, and the park wasn’t crowded, so that was nice. The place was decorated in Halloween finery, which was rather fun. But I’m still not crazy about amusement parks. I ended up riding Pete’s Dragon with A. Rattlesnake Rapids was closed because of the weather, but we did take the train ride and see a few animals.
I would have been unhappy to pay for the event, but as it was free, I do believe we got our money’s worth out of it.


Bro said...

Fingers crossed for your pooter. I figure if one person is worried the others don't need to, it's just a waste of time otherwise.

Wyo sis said...

Cute jack-o-pyramid! We are happily enjoying having everyone (except Paul) home for a few hours. Karen came a little bit ago. They all have to leave tomorrow. I love UEA. I guess we get to see Magon on the 24th. Shane spends hours on the phone with her. Love those amusement parks. I have never been to one with my kids in the 33 years weve had them. Oh, my mistake, we took Karen to Disneyland when she was about 3. I can't say we've missed them.