Thursday, October 05, 2006

Look who's visiting us

I'm very excited. We get to babysit "Boo" this weekend. She was adopted by a friend of mine who found her among her brothers in a box of kittens outside Wal-Mart. She is so very young, just six weeks old when she was adopted a couple of weeks ago.
DH said he wouldn't adopt kittens from Wal-Mart because you don't know anything about their history. "Boo" has proven the point.
A) at six weeks, she was much too young to be seperated from her mommy.
B) my friend has had to "finish" litter box training her. I'm a wee bit nervous about this aspect of babysitting her.
C) The original owners were feeding her cows milk, which has an unfortunate effect on a kittens digestive system.
But seriously, who could resist this face.
Her current owner says she is a little love muffin, she wants to be held all the time (my DS-L is happy to oblige) and she cries at night if she gets lonely.
The weekend will help us decide if we want to try to adopt a kitten again, or not.


mok said...

Wal-Mart kitties need love too, maybe especially. She looks like a little sweetie.

Karen said...

Oh my hell... she is adorable!!!!!!!! must resist urge to have a 2 cat home (Gigi would absolutly NOT tolerate it!)