Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I love you guys

Last night I interviewed this guy, a native of New Zealand (cute accent!) who now works with the Salt Lake City SWAT team.
He was very interesting.
One of the things he told me was he helped with the security for President Bush, 43, when he was recently in SLC. I asked if he met the President, and he said, no, but he was close enough to "feel the power" emanating from the man.
I've never had anyone tell me about the palatable power felt in the presence of the President. It was a great bit of information.
The interview mostly made me appreciate those people, like this police officer, America's soldiers, and the country's president, who stand between the citizens of this country and the evil trying to destroy it.
This also includes the firemen ~ even my very own nephew and nephew-in-law, who live for the fight.
I love these guys!


Lorrie said...

great post. great picture. very patriotic. Thanks!

Wyo sis said...

I got a chill when I read about feeling the power. I never thought of it that way either. If that tough looking guy felt it imagine how a weak old lady would feel. Neat thoughts! Thanks.

jacQ said...

love your pictures! :D

frazzledmom said...

Just love your blog. Love this piece about the SWAT guy - man does he look mean!! Bet he doesn't take any you-know-what from anyone! ;)