Tuesday, October 03, 2006

LIttle pictures

Last night my DS-7 asked me about war and death, thus prompting a nice little discussion about both topics.
The death discussion centered on the loss of our kitty Katie, and her burial in the back yard. DS wanted to know what was going to happen to her body. The day before, he came downstairs after I had tucked him in bed sobbing because he missed Katie. I wonder how long he has been worrying that seed.
He is like me in that he’s a “still waters run deep,” kind of kid. He appears to be doing just fine, but things are gnawing away at him. I suppose the same could be said about war. No doubt he has seen television reports about the fighting.
He asked me how long the war was going to go on, and who was going to win. We’re not talking simple questions, here.
So I told him about death and resurrection. I reminded him that although a spirit leaves the body for a time, it will eventually be reunited and Katie will live again. I’m not really clear where pets go in the whole eternal scheme of things, but he seemed to be comforted by the thought that he will see his kitty again.
The war talk involved delving into the basic premise of good and evil and God’s plan of free agency versus slavery. He remembered similar discussions from church, and was able to contribute to the conversation in a surprisingly mature way.
I then told him the difference between killing, taking a life in order to protect yourself, your family or the innocent, versus murder, killing because of your own desires. I used the example of killing to get someone’s car; we didn’t really get into the revenge and hatred discussion.
Five minutes later he was playing upstairs, the entire conversation tucked away in his brain. But I was left to ponder the enormous responsibility I have as a parent to guide my children on the path of righteousness.

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Wyo sis said...

It is so amazing that children have these worries buried in their minds. I guess what has become commonplace to us is very frightening to them. I remember being so terrified I could hardly get through school during the Cuban missle crisis. It's too bad they have so few innocent years.
I am startled at the insight and at the understanding children seem to be born with today. They are older when they are born than I remember. By the time they leave kindergarten they can read. It is getting very obvious that these children are being prepared to be strong. They will need to be. I just hope I can keep up.