Friday, December 15, 2006

Five down

Seven more pages to go in the mini-album I am making for my mother. I read on my ninja-living niece's blog that she, too is trying to scramble together a last minute photo album. I am also helping a friend / client put together a 12 X 12 album for her mother in law.
Why are women so stupid?
Christmas is what, a week away? And we are just starting more little projects. This one has to be in the mail by Monday at the very latest, and it is going to cost me as much to send it as it would have cost me to buy Mom a pricy gift certificate.
It's 8:30 p.m. and I'm dizzy from lack of sleep.
But look how pretty the page is!!!


Wyo sis said...

Beautiful and worth the effort. Ten years from now you will still love the pages and will have forgotten how tired you were. (at least that's the theory) Another amazing word verification! It's Dads favorite sound effect for bouncing grandkids on his knee.chcbopm!

Karen said...

Your right, we're all insane. This little album I'm making is costing more than if I had bought them a nice appliance!

Big Sis said...

I haven't even got the tree up. I thought I might find a small book stand on which to deposit my multiple magazines and books. I found one but I have to "assemble" it first. I wanted it so I could dejunk the living room and then put up the tree. instead I have to put it together first. Will we ever learn! I have to work Sunday again, after all the little darlings need there food so they can pass their finals.

Anonymous said...

you always do great work!! There is rewards for all things. Yours is paying off now and will later too. Take a 'cat nap' enough to refresh and you'll be good to go. You'll get it all tied up and off in the mail on time and every thing else done too. Looks Great

Hillbilly sister said...

Love the scrapbook! I always love to see your work, it is amazing! I have been running a little behind myself but last night I finally got all the Christmas decorations up! Yeehah! Isn't it great to see your floor again? Been there, done that. Somehow, things work out.