Friday, December 22, 2006

White and green Christmas

I looked out the window and what did I see.
A snowy, foggy, wet white Christmas for me.
I might end up working on Christmas day
Writing about saps who have nowhere to stay.
Yep I’ll be at the truck stop with my honey
Talking to truckers who smell funny.
It’s not my idea of fun.
But I get to be.
Paid a very tiny green Christmas fee.


Anonymous said...

gReEN is good! And spending the day with your honey, couldn't ask for more!!! have a piece of pie and enjoy your time together. treat it sorta like a date, it is posible, even though the truckers will be in your suroundings your within each others presents.

lil bro said...

Merry RamaHanaKwansmas! Merry freaking Christmas! green is green but that's a bummer

Wyo sis said...

What a happy peppy poem for Christmas! I hate those damn termites!