Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's great to be eight

It's great to be eight, even if having a birthday five days before Christmas isn't all that grand.
That's right, DS-7 is now officially DS-8. We celebrated by inviting three families to join us for a night of bowling, pizza and cupcakes ~ frosted to look like one cake ~ great for easy serving at a bowling ally.
DS-8 was thrilled to have his friend K come to visit. The boys have been buddies since we moved here when DS-8 was still just DS-2. They met in the nursery at church and I worked with his mother in the Primary for three years.
K turns 8 in January, about the same time DS-8 would have had his birthday, had he not been born six weeks early. They were in the same kindergarten class together. But, their family moved to a town about an hour's drive away from here, although it is still in the same county.
My little guy still misses playing with him.
The bowling turned out to be a rather entertaining ~ if slightly unorganized event. The lack of organization comes from the folks invited to play with us, and the many different directions one is obliged to go during this time of year.
Eight is a big number in our church, because it means my son is now old enough to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
We are very excited about it.


Wyo Aunt said...

Good on you DS8. Christmas is a rough time to have a birthday, but I do believe Auntie Lin has the worse b-day. We always went back to school after Christmas on her birthday. She missed being a deduction by 363 days as well. Uncle R and I thought everyone should turn 1 year older on January. 1st no matter when they are born like race horses. I've never taken birthdays too seriously. If they are inconvienient I just put them where I want them, usually on the next weekend. What an anarchist!

Karen said...

Yes a December virthday would be very hard. However, June birthdays are not all their cracked up to be either. Mine is sandwiched between many weddings/anniversarys and I was even once forgotten during a wedding hullabaloo! Having added my 2 cents about birthdays I'm now free to say

"Happy Birthday A!"

lil bro said...

Happy Birthday A! Hey Wyo sis how about we pick... say... August 15th. Everyone gets that day off as the official birthday for everyone.