Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time is not on my side

Time management is not really working for me right now. I firmly believe if there were three if me I still wouldn’t get the laundry done, Christmas cards sent and the children fed.
I am having some serious issues with my job. It is really getting in the way of my life. Since I do work at home I do a lot of phone calls and waiting around for phone calls to be returned. I’m not exactly sure what I should charge in the way of hours for the not-actually-working, simply waiting time.
I can’t shower, go grocery shopping, or work on any of the other projects circling overhead waiting to be cleared for landing while I am waiting for someone to call me back and tell me how many signatures are required on a petition before a movement to organize a township can be put to public hearings.
I suppose I could unload the dishwasher, fold underwear, or make the bed while I am waiting. This is where the time management issues get in the way. I have a really difficult time focusing on all the different things demanding my full attention.
I have a party or a meeting going on every night this week.

Monday ~
Transcript party, (children invited)
We ate, won door prizes, colored pictures, participated in a basketball shoot and collected bonus checks.

Tuesday ~
Elder’s Quorum Party (children not invited)
We ate, played games, passed around gifts, opened them and played family feud.

Wednesday ~
Work (children not invited)
DH works second job at truck stop, I attend Stansbury Park meeting, DS-12 attends Boy Scouts where they go to a city council meeting, DS-7 visits a friend.

Thursday ~
Ward Christmas Party (children not invited)
I’m not sure what the plans are, but I am confident they include eating and listening to some kind of program. I have no plans to attend.

Friday ~
Payback. I’ll be helping the woman who is planning to entertain DS-7 tonight put together a scrapbook for her mother-in-law.

Saturday ~
DH working, has company party (we wrapped up door prize from my company party to give as white elephant gift for his company party)

Somewhere in there I still need to decorate the tree, clean the house, finish making my gift for mom and put it all in the mail; finish making DH teacher friend gifts, address Christmas cards, sew pajamas and write a story about a local kid who is now on the Air Force One staff.
I guess I can sleep in January.

As you can see, my house is still a “Christmas Staging Area.” I hope to have the actual look and feel of Christmas by the time the big day arrives.

Note: I have been interrupted by phone calls twice while writing this blog, once by the fore mentioned Air Force One staff member, and the second from Tooele City Police Department.
During the second call I did a little howling because the cat was hanging by two claws from my chest when I tried to grab my notebook. I’ll bet stuff like this never happens to Katie Currick.

Meanwhile: I'm trying my hand at putting stuff on my cat.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about cleaning!! Ever heard the saying SEXY WEMAN HAVE MESSY KITCHENS - Let it be enjoy your season and get a few things in priority and have fun with the rest. Love Cowchick

lil bro said...


Wyo sis said...

It's amazing how in the chaos you find time to decorate your cat. I love your sense of proportion! Somewhere I heard the phrase "select neglect" sounds like it's that time for you. I feel guilty for being so relatively carefree. I am having 12 year old daughter issues if that is any consolation. To punish me A refused to open her 12 days of Christmas gift. This is definately the last year for that particular tradition.

Hillbilly sister said...

What is a Ward Party without the children? I have never heard of such a thing! My question is why are the children not invited?

Big Sis said...

Sounds like I am not the only one in a mess. It makes me feel just a little bit better to see that I have a fellow Christmas mess sufferer.