Thursday, December 14, 2006

Making Progress

I can see the floor of my living room!True, it might benefit from the application of a vacuum cleaner, but at least I know the floor is there.
Instead of going to the Stansbury Park budget hearing last night, my boss told me to write the Air Force One story, which cut one project off my to-do list and gave me a little free time today.
Yippy Skippy!
I managed to deck the tree with a minimum selection of ornaments. I went with the plastic Hallmark keepsakes that are unlikely to break when batted about on the floor by Ginny.
The trick was getting her out of my hair long enough to do the decking. This kitten is only slightly less demanding than a new baby.
I literally had to wait until I got her put down for a nap, (in my computer chair) in order to dress the tree without her “assistance.” She came yawning up the stairs just in time for me to wind the ribbon. But a little application of the spray bottle kept her at bay long enough to do the job.
DH tells me “you wanted a cuddly cat.” Although truth to be told Katie and I were rubbing along quite well. She wanted to be in the same room with me, but she had no desire to sit on me. DS-12 was the one wanting a cuddlier.
But, Ginny has taken to sleeping with him at night. I do miss the foot warming, but I don’t miss being able to turn in my bed without warning claws sinking into my ankles.
Tomorrow is going to be a scrap-0-rama day. I told my friend I would be happy to help her make her album, but she would be doing the making, I would just serve as advisor and supplier of tools. I have my own scrap book project to finish. I need to get in the mail ASAP!


wyo sis said...

Your tree is cute. Mine is quite sad and droopy, but on the bright side I did not have to decorate it. A did the honors, and Gordon bought some hardware to make the branches stay elevated, which has not been put to use yet. I'm for trashing it and keeping only the three foot fiber optic tree that I love. I suspect I won't get to go 3 foot until A is gone. The word verification today is scuus, which alarms me because how does it know how my house looks?

Anonymous said...

A, things look great! Glad to hear of your (happy) Good Tidings after all. We are all thankful for a vaccumn every now and then :)

Karen said...

I wish I could see the floor at either of my houses! Today is the big move and tomorrow is cleaning day. I then get to spend Sunday, while not at church, finishing the wedding scrapbook I'm making for the new Bowlings. Then, maybe, I'll get around to putting the myriad of stuff in boxes where they go! "Scuus" doesn't even begin to describe it!