Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saver Christmas on the fly

My DS-12 came home from the school Christmas gift exchange with a box of microwave popcorn. He took a fly-wheel, because deep in his little heart of hearts he wanted one for himself.
Alas, he was given the popcorn.
I guess popcorn is the Lifesaver book of this generation. Surely you remember the Lifesaver book? The box came packed full of rolls of candy, I never did get one and I always wanted it. DH said he never wanted one and always ended up bringing it home.
Generations of children have been sent to the store clutching nickels, dimes, quarter, dollars ~ or most recently $5 bills ~ charged with buying a class exchange gift.
And countless children have returned either with something they desperately wanted for themselves, or a Lifesaver candy box.
Meanwhile, DS-12 continues to want a fly-wheel, even though his 12-year-old coolness hates to admit wanting it.
When we took DS-8 to Target to spend his $20 birthday money he picked out a fly-wheel. DS-12 tried to talk his younger brother into buying a different fly-wheel, (very much like the one he purchased for the gift exchange) but DS-8 held fast and bought what he wanted.
The boys have been playing with it in the hall for the last two days (bless them!)
Yesterday, DS-12 admitted he did, indeed want a fly wheel and has given Daddy his birthday Wal-mart gift card so he can buy a fly wheel. (DH is working from 2 to 10 p.m. today, and can hit Wally World after work when the crowds have subsided) Christmas may be two days away, but they want to play right now!
Meanwhile, I continue to put of the job of sewing pajamas for my boys. I made a pair for DS-12 last night, tried them on him today and decided they will be going to DS-8. Good thing I cut out the biggest pair first!
I need to finish the DS-8 pair, and cut out and sew the DS-12 pair. As well as fringe the fleece blankets I am giving to both of them. By the way, these gifts are no longer a secret.
It looks like I will not be working on Christmas day. But I will be working on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be a Sunday. I just hope I can find truck drivers willing to talk to me about their plans for Christmas.
Ready or not Christmas is just about here. If I don’t check in before the big day, have yourself a merry one.


kSTEVENSfam said...

What's a FLY WHEEL?

Big Sis said...

Ditto. Whats a fly wheel? I do remember the lifesavers book. I also gave them and always wanted one and never got one. Nowadays if I could just get my hands on a years worth a ferrer pan jaw breakers I would be happy. All they carry in the stores are fire balls which I can't stand. They are made by the same company. I can get them on the internet but i haven't ordered any.

Wyo sis said...

I must also admit ignorance of fly wheels. I suppose it is not something a 12 year old girl would want. I always thought the life saver book was pretty lame. I still do, but G always gets A one. I hope you get some food interviews and get home early. I saw the McLain truck unloading at Pizza Hut today. I asked him if we was going to make it home by Christmas and he said probably not. He's from Denver and the snowstorm put him 2 days behind. I think that stinks. It seems the Christmases of the many require the few to sacrafice theirs. somehow I think Pizza Hut could wait until after Christmas to get their shipment of boxes,

lil bro said...

I would suppose that a "fly wheel" is something like a battery powered gyroscope. It looks fun. have a merry RamaHanaKwansmas.

SageHen said...

The fly wheel is as seen in the photo is a rip-cord powered wheel. You pull the zip cord and the wheel goes careening across the kitchen, down the hall and under DS-12's bedroom, accompanied by a skittering cat and screaming children.
In other words, it's tons of fun for less than $10. (DS-12 bought his give-away wheel for $2.50)

Anonymous said...

At least your screaming children are going after something fun. My the las few days, are running around screaming while trying to tickle each other, as if they have nothing to do. Running them off to go find some toys, one goes to bed, another ends up chasing her sister thru the upstairs screaming untill I am ready to scream.
Hope DH found a fly wheel. So close to christmas, that was always my luck, the shelves were bare when Mom went to get the most wanted gift.
Happy Holidays