Monday, December 11, 2006

I got you, Babe

Happy anniversary!
Yep, 13 years ago this handsome man made me his wife. We have had a great time together, (some times better than others, of course)
I am so happy to have you by my side the father of my children, my companion, my lover, my friend.
You have given me a good life.
So know that I love you for all you do to make my life better.
You truly are a DH.

BTW, I know 75th wedding anniversary's are Diamonds, 50th are gold and 25th are silver. Is the 13th wedding anniversary company dinner? Because that's the big plans I have for us tonight, lol!

13th Anniversary
Traditional: Lace, Lingerie, Table coverings, Hankerchiefs, Clothing
Modern: Lace, Teddy, Bras and panties, Belgian lace, Lace mantel scarf, Placemats
Alternate Modern: Faux Fur, Clothing, Teddy bears, Faux fur outerware, Faux fur lined gloves, Trip to Alaska (Ha! We can just turn off the heat and feel like we are there!)


Anonymous said...

congradulations!! A and D that is super even now days a large accomplishment!!! With love, Cowchick

lil bro said...

Happy birthday first. I would have called but things were a little crazy here just then. Happy anniversery ramma-a-lamba-'leen-Langs. Make a big deal about it. thirteen down, millions to go.

Wyo sis said...

Making a life together. I think that's the most fundamental thing. I'm glad you have it. Happy Anniversary.