Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trim this

In my early days of family tradition creating I vowed not to put up the tree until after Dec. 8 so as to make my birthday separate from the Christmas. That was before DS-7 was born on Dec. 20. I don’t think even I with my grand procrastinating skills could manage to resist the tree urge until after Dec. 20.
So last night DH and the boys opened the box containing the tree. Mind you, the box has been in the living room for at least a week. But with sinus infections, sore throats and the like we have just stumbled past the box on the way to the sofa.
But unable to put it off any longer, we put together the tree last night. It’s pre-lit, which makes life a whole lot easier, but as I am currently entertaining the tummy troubles associated with ingestion of antibiotics I didn’t trim it. Rather I took photos of the young en’s as they pawed through the boxes of ornaments.
Sometime before Dec. 20 I do hope to have the whole thing assembled, festive and sparkling.
I’m not exactly sure what has happened to me this year, I have been jolly about the idea of Christmas. But the reality of executing the event has completely eluded me. Perhaps it’s because I’m currently working frantically to earn enough money to put a gift or two under the tree.
DH and I plan to go shopping tomorrow. He’s not working at his second job Wednesday p.m. and he only has a half-day at school. But in order for that to happen I have to research and write two more stories before tomorrow at noon. I also need to make a list, (and check it twice!) I’d get on it right away, if I didn’t have to go wrap presents for the Relief Society party to be held Thursday night.
I feel like I am being pecked to death by a flock of Christmas geese.


lil bro said...

We just got your lego advent calander you sent us. The boys are trying not to open more then the five that should be opened. I'm with you, I don't have much Christmas spirit just yet. All I want for Christmas is a daughter with out a hole in her neck.

Anonymous said...

In our house the battle is over who gets to open odds and who gets to open evens.


Wyo sis said...

In our house the battle is --- wait in our house there is no battle. Kids with, all the attendant woes, are what makes Christmas a happy time. I'd like to have a houseful of them this Christmas again, but time goes on and poor Ashlee missed the many-kids-make-many-battles part of family life. She is ill equipped for life in a dog-eat-dog world.

Big Sis said...

I'm ill equipped for a dog eat dog world, and I am nearing sixty. I never was much of a competive person and I still am not. I just want everyone to recognize that I try harder if not the hardest, but I am not a "Boaster". no matter what the situation, suited for my talents or not. I expect people to recognize me and not yell at me etc, Christmas. at least the celebration part quit being very fun for me when I started College, if not a little before that. I really like what it stamds for, I love the music and the lights. In most of the places I have worked it has been horribaly busy, with lots of over time and working long hours or worse, no work at all because they are between seasons so there are layoffs. It is busy at BYU because evertone ane they dog is having a party and we get to make the food for the takeout for them, We still are expected to get the regular meals out to the students and of course BYU itself has multiple parties for staff and facality which we are invited to and expected to go to.

Karen said...

I really love Christmas and--this year aside--usually try to make my holiday fun. Living alone has it's advantages in the who gets to do what department but now that I have Gigi she often wins the battle. No Christmas tree for me this year!