Monday, December 04, 2006

Ice Ice baby

It’s cold here.
Somewhere between 19 and 20 degrees F. as I drove to Wal-Mart at 8:30 a.m. after dropping my kiddos off at school.
But my trusty 21 year old car went ahead and started, even if my trusty more than 21 year old body did not start up so easily.
I took advantage of the first free day in over a week to do a little Christmas shopping. I had my cell phone turned on and with me, but in my heart of hearts I hoped the paper wouldn’t call and I could take care of a few chores.
Things went pretty well, although I did have to do a little chasing around to find what I wanted.
In keeping with the family tradition I planned to buy pajamas for my sons to open on Christmas Eve. I also planned to pick up some blue fleece that DS-12 wanted for a TV blanket. Of course Wal-Mart was out of blue fleece and the pajamas were all in sports and Superman motifs, something I have been specifically told not to buy for DS-12.
I though briefly about calling Hillbilly sister and asking her to make P.J.s for me until it occurred to me that I too know how to operate a sewing machine.
I spent the next 15 minutes trying to remember the sizing on patterns, finally caving and asking a blue-coated associate what I needed. Alas, all the flannel at Wally World was either (to quote my DS-12) too “girly,” “babyish” or just plain wrong.
Feeling courageous, however, I ventured into the quilting store. I knew they had a huge selection of flannel because I had been there with Hillybilly sister, and she loved the place. (She makes sleepwear for each of her five children, and her daughter-in-law every year for Christmas).
Sure enough, there was a wide selection, and blue fleece for blanket making! I thought I was in tall cotton until they rang up the purchase, *gulp* $40 plus. Still, I figured I would pay something like $18 each for off-the-rack jams and these would have that home made touch.
I had just settled into the house and spread out the pattern to make sure it would work when the phone rang.
DS-12 was on the other end, suffering from an unpleasant tummy ailment and requesting to come home.
I told him I had purchased “something for Christmas” and asked if he wanted to see it. His answer *moan* “I don’t care.” I explained it was his Christmas Eve gift, and he said sure, he knew what to expect and he wouldn’t mind getting a sneak peek.
So I cut out his jams while he tried to keep Ginger out of the pattern pieces (I forgot how much fun it is to cut out patterns with the help of a frisky kitten!)
He’s thrilled with the blanket material, okay with the flannel and he was fascinated by the cutting process.
It’s currently 1:30 p.m. and I still haven’t had lunch. I didn’t buy pajamas, and I picked up another pre-Christmas project. But at least I’m making headway on the whole holiday business.


lil bro said...

It was -5 as I went to work this morning in a car with no heater or defroster. I have some "santa" projects to do in the garage soon and also two family cartoons and a calander to make before Christmas. I hope you are feeling better.

Karen said...

Yeeks... too many projects! Although I was planning on making all my gifts this year. I believe that moving has effectivly trumped that plan.

hillbillysister said...

Atta Girl! I know you will have success, and it will be a lot of fun. This year I am making fleece blankets with matching pillowcases and decided that the jams will have to be store bought this year as I am too busy. I had a list a mile long for projects and I have had to cut it down to one or two. I will have to start like in January to get the jams made now that the grandchildren will start to come.

Wyo sis said...

Ack! Christmas sewing projects, a sure road to insanity. To hillbilly sis fleece is very staticky are you sure you want to make pillowcases out of it? Just your busybody sister who has NO plans to sew anything this year, and so has no business critiquing anyone else. I am a firm believer in internet shopping and the shipping is a small price to pay, Of course I live on the edge of nowhere. I decided that if the bird flu ever hits our little valley will be left alone for weeks to cope alone while bigger, nearer places take up everyone's attention, I guess we will either all die or all stay well. Such are the joys of life on the outskirts. Good luck to all og you with your projects.

Hillbilly sister said...

To wyo sis: I trimmed the fleece blankets with flannel and will use the remnant flannel for trimming the pillowcases. I hope this clears up any misconceptions. It was an idea I wanted to try and it turned out wonderful! I agree that a fleece pillowcase would be staticky! I am sorry I wasn't more clear with my comment. I have done some internet shopping myself because I don't like to fight the traffic or the crowds! Merry Christmas!