Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yet another Christmas project

We’ve been working on a gingerbread house. I bought the kit last week and have been promising the kids we would work on it for days.
Finally, this weekend, I put it together and let the youngsters loose with frosting and candy.
I love the comparison between the two sides of the house. My little perfectionist DS-12 did one side; my free-spirited DS-7 roofed the other side. DS-12 tried very, very hard not to “fix” DS-7s side. But it was a struggle for him.
After they had finished DS-12 was not at all happy because the confection did not meet with his expectations of perfection. So I joined them and gooped frosting about on the eves to make icicles. While symmetry is great in actual architecture, it doesn’t add much to the charm of a gingerbread house.
DH came home from shopping ~ he said he was going to pick up milk ~ with a string of tiny lights to wrap around the house. The boys were delighted! We saw the lights earlier in the week when shopping for candy, but I didn’t want to spend the money on them, although I knew they were going to tell Daddy about it and he would find a way to get the lights for the boys.
I was right. In this way DH is very much like my Daddy was. He loves to do small, funky, impractical things that he knows will thrill the children.

Since I can no longer blog without an obligatory photo of Ginger (the cat, not the bread) here is a shot of her sitting on my computer keyboard. I wasn’t paying attention to her yesterday because I was on the phone doing an interview. So she settled down on the one place she knew I would be unable to ignore her presence.


Anonymous said...

The ginger bread house looks great!!

Cindy Lee said...

just stopped by to say, "Merry Christmas!" love the Gingerbread house and the kitty picture! hugs to you and yours this holiday! Cindy Lee

Wyo sis said...

Both gingers are adorable. DS7 did pretty for a 7 year old free spirit. I get tired about half way through a project like this and my efforts decline rapidly, so I can't say I would do any better. I love that you do such cute things with your boys. I remember doing them with the olders, but poor A has been neglected.

Francine said...

that house is awesome. Let both DSs know they did good!

Gotta love the kitty photo! My cat does that too, or she plays with my fingers while I am typing. lol

horseygal said...

The Gingers are both adorable!!!!

lil bro said...

The Hall blood runs long and wide and deep. I see it in my oldest as well.