Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's all in the perspective

The Lego advent Calendar came to our house yesterday. Sure, it’s a few days late, but the kiddos love it.
We immediately had to dig out last year’s Lego people, as well as DS-12 train and directions to make tiny houses and put them under the tree. The tree itself is still bald. (I take that back, we have three ornaments left over from yesterday’s gift wrapping party hanging on it). But now we have a thriving village under it.
There seems to be an inordinately large population of police men, firemen, construction workers, astronauts and even a basketball player or two in this town, where nary a woman dwells.
I asked my sons who was going to pick up the dirty underwear and buy groceries in this town. They pointed to a grey haired ceramic figure left over from my old, more traditional village, as the resident female. Poor woman, I do feel for her.
The village also has a problem with a terrorizing force we have come to call Hurricane Cat-rina. At one point we had the village set up on a side table in the living room, but Cat-rina jumped on the table, sliding across it, scattering villagers everywhere.
The boys and I had a great time playing with the Legos, until my old body started to ache from sitting on the floor bent over tiny blocks. But still, you gotta love Legos. I’ve always been a fan, even when I was a little girl at a time when little girls were not supposed to play with building blocks.


Wyo sis said...

Your old gray haired woman is probably really only 20 years old, but life in a man town has made her prematurly gray. We fear man town, but imagine being the only woman in it. I feel like going out and scouting for Lego women. It must be like China under your tree.

horseygal said...

I so know exactly what you are talking about!!!!
Should I be scared???