Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in review

Writers note: I planned to post this entry earlier, but DS-8 asked me to tuck him in, then he started to act like he was going to throw up, so I have spent the last hour calming him down. He is currently asleep in my bed. Now I am left to decided if I want to sleep on the couch, in his bed or in my bed with his rear end in the small of my back all night.
Just your average day.
I started out the year with such good intentions, and I did accomplish many of my goals, But 2006 proved to be quite a roller coaster ride. So many things in our lives started to spin out of control.
Here’s praying we can gain control in 2007
I joined the FlyLady group and cleaned my sink, broke in the crock pot and fixed up a paper cupboard in my scrap room. Then I went to a Ya-Ya pajama party, became a member of the Scrappin Trends design team and helped the boys with their science fair projects.
With the arrival of my first design team package I fell in love with 3 Bugs paper, which I used to make a cigar box clock. I covered an art show, started writing my life list, took DH to a Valentine’s Day dinner and made my first real life connection with on line friends ~ who gave me a box full of Prima flowers.
The best photo of my month long challenge came on the first day with a shot of the Red Hatters. I watched DS-7 win a blue ribbon at the science fair, ate at Virg’s and picked out a “big chair” for the family room in the basement. Then I started soccer season with Adam, Celebrated Pi day and DH birthday, and decided I was made to scrap with Crate Paper.
This was the month we bought a cat flap and began the long process of training Katie how to use it. We visited IFA so we could play with the new chickens and DH and DS-11 went to the fifth grade maturation program together. We went to Wyoming where we spent Easter with the family, taking photos of the nieces and nephews and raiding Mom’s button and ribbon stash to add to my scrap booking collection.
I was gifted with an Iris cart for Mother’s Day ~ at last a great way to store my 12X12 scrap paper. The family went to Salt Lake City to watch DS-11 sing in a swanky concert hall and we celebrated the decision on the part of the governor to pick the golden spike rail road as the official state quarter of Utah.
During the first week of June I had high ambitions, and I spent time making flowery cards and refinishing a folding chair with spray paint and paper. This was the month I took second place in the ScrappinTrends Crate Paper friends mini-album contest and watched as the boys played backyard baseball. We spent the last two weeks getting ready for Mom to visit, then entertaining her and my sisters after she arrived. On the last day of June we took a road trip across the Salt Flats.
We started July by taking a road trip to Vernal where we learned about how large Utah’s deserts really are, stopped in a visitor’s center in Colorado, and visited the Dinosaur Quarry a week before it was closed because it’s slipping off the mountain side.
We celebrated Independence Day, took the Sorenson’s to the Aerospace museum at Hill Air Force Base and visited the “hillybilly” sister over Pioneer Day weekend. This was also the month we discovered termites in the basement, mourned the loss of Katie Cat, who was hit and killed by a car in front of our house, and watched while DH and his brothers tore a hole in the wall to get rid of the termites.
Toward the end of the month I took delivery on an assortment of furniture sent to me by my Mother and taught my first scrapbooking class at the local scrapbook store.
In August I took the children to the Tooele County Fair while the exterminator sprayed for termites. I was so busy getting the boys on and off the whirling rides I didn’t notice I had won $57 dollars for my scrapbook entries, including taking the best in show. I settled on “Sagey” black and “Sensible Hue,” for the colors in my living room and rearranged the living room furniture. I covered a frog jumping contest for my work, sent DH and the boys back to school, and DH started a second job at Flying J to pay for the termite damage.
DS-11 became DS-12 and had a sleep-over birthday party in the basement with several of his friends. We went to Hogle Zoo as part of the birthday celebrations. I had a case of d├ęcor envy after doing a story on a shabby chic home in Stansbury, then I painted some of my second-hand donated furniture black.
After writing a story about a woman who hand carved stamps for her travel journals, I tried my hand at the art and discovered I suck at it. We filled our cat craving by babysitting “Boo” for a day or two, I applauded as both boys took first place in the Reflections contest for their photography, and found the glob willow in the back yard had split in two after an early snow storm. We took the boys to Lagoon and saw the Halloween decorations and wandered around in a corn maze as part of my job. I dressed up as a Viking for Halloween. Well, at least I wore the horn hat.
Ginger, a Siamese kitten joined our family and sent a lot of time sitting on my lap, computer, keyboard while she adjusted to the family. The boys and I made paper chains while DH and his brothers patched the termite wall. I made Christmas cards, (I didn’t send them, but I did make them) and folded German stars, while celebrating Shane’s wedding from afar. I finished the month suffering with an ugly sinus infection and DH was out for nearly a week with a sore throat.
I earned a little extra scrapping cash by doing make and takes at the local scrap book store, trimmed the tree, suffered fro the cold and discovered Target is a great place to go Christmas shopping. I spent a week of going to parties while trying to make a scrap book for Mom, helping a friend put together a scrapbook for her mother in law, and helping the boys put together a gingerbread house. Then we celebrated DS-8 birthday with a bowling party before celebrating Christmas together as a family. I spent the last week of the year cleaning and organizing my scraproom, getting ready for another year of fun.
Somewhere in there, between July the death of Katie and the termite battle, my boss Mike left and my new boss, Jeff was hired.
Here's to a more productive 2007!

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Wyo sis said...

Sounds exausting and frustrating, especially the termites. I don't remember that we spent only Easter toether this year, oh, and lunch when we brought DM79. Man what a bummer, my ambition is to take us girls on a vacation together somewhere sans men and kids. Heck, we could be in my basement and it would be fun. But lets go for a fun place.