Sunday, January 28, 2007

Poems aplenty

I sent out a plea on my scrapping message board for wedding poems, and Thena Smith, a published poet and fixture on the message board wrote these poems for me. Tell me which one(s) you like for the book.

A nnouncing our wedding day , are we
B ride and Groom to be.
C hurch has been chosen and don't forget
D ate of the wedding has been set.
E ngagement is official
F amily and Friends are invited
G ifts are flowing in and we are delighted.
H oneymoon is being planned and oh
I love you so much.
Joined in marriage soon that will be us!
K isses and Hugs will be given galore
L ove letters will be keepsakes along with
Marriage Certificate and more.
Newlyweds we will be
Opening the gifts from our friends.
P arents will be looking on and seeing our grins.
Q uestions and answers of how we met
R eception and dancing ...we will never forget.
Songs played at the wedding will be forever replayed
Tossing the garten and the bridal bouquet...
U shers and Bridesmaids all look at us as we say
V ows to each other on our
Wedding Day
eXtra Special Memories and Moments and more
Yet to come
Zealously, zestfully our life as a wedded couple has begun!

This book was created to celebrate
The love and wonder of your special date.
May it bless you for years to come
As you look and remember special moments
Each and every one.

What can ever forever be
What can last eternally?
Why it's the love I have for you
And the love you have for me.

A Wedding Prayer
It is our prayer For both of you
That your love will bring joy
Your entire life through
And that it will always be
Blessed forever, eternally.

Thena Smith


Wyo sis said...

I like the whole thing, but since it
(the book) is already mostly done maybe you could just put the poem in at the back. Some of the stuff doesn't apply like Ushers. (As far as I know there weren't any unlesss Paul could be classified as one.)
No church today. Well, for the faithful there is Stake Conference, but I consider it a day off.

Hillbilly sister said...

I like poem #3. They are all great but this one touche me.

lil bro said...

Wyo sis you slacker! I was to the meeting last night and this morning and at noon. Not that I am so rightious but because my wife is. I like the second poem or all the ice it cuts and we sure have plenty to cut here. I have a bit of a suprise for you Sagie I will try to get it in the mail tomorrow.

Karen said...

It's Magon. Pronounced May-Gon. Magon.