Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just bits of my life

I went to an archery competition today for the newspaper. I didn’t expect it to be even slightly interesting.
I was wrong. It was kind of cool.
Archery is one of the few sports that I find interesting. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because it takes cunning, not just brute force to do well as an archer. Or I may be attracted to the romantic history of the sport, William Tell, and Robin Hood and all that stuff. But it is a rather fascinating sport.
It snowed for most of the day yesterday and it’s really cold today. Sorry Wyo. Sis, I know snow is not a novelty where you live. But my years in St. George have spoiled me somewhat.
I love to watch snow fall, I always have. I love how quiet it makes the world. I am fascinated by the shapes snow makes as it sifts down on top of ordinary objects. But there are two things I don’t like about snow, it’s icy cold and it falls on the roads.
I could even deal with the cold aspect if we could keep the slush off the roads.
Today the sun is shining and it is blindingly bright outside with the light reflecting off all the crystallized flakes. I am torn between a desire to take photos and a desire to stay warm. I think staying warm is going to win today.
I spent part of yesterday working on an altering project for ScrappinTrends. The DT manager sent these huge clips and funky thumbtacks to alter. This was my final project. The boys don’t like it, so I think I did a fairly good job. I must admit, I’ve been pushing the girly envelope lately. It’s been great!


Big Sis said...

I agree, if the snow just didn't fall on the roads I wouldn't mind it either. when we were kids we didn't have ti drive on it so I didn't mind it as much. we had to go with dad at least once to feed the cows, but as I recall once was enough.

Wyo sis said...

I like the clips and thumbtacks. I can't believe they are still making cute things. I keep thinking there's nothing left to do with paper and paperlike things, but NO! They just keep on doing new things.
I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite, well most of it, and I finally get some of the silly things I've seen kids say and do. I can't say I want to see it again, but it's good to be pop culturally literate.

lil bro said...

Only fed once ay, big sis? Must have been a real trial. Yes the snow can make real interesting shapes. There are several people here in good ol SV that put water sprayers out and create giant ice towers. They make interesting if not somewhat disturbing shapes. Having to drive 40 miles a day on SV roads to go to work I second the notion of keeping the snow off the roads. Our state does however do a great job of keeping the roads clear, the town, not quite as much. (the town is paid by the state to keep US 89 clear through town but cheat some and keep the money for other things.) cute pic of the family archery shooting! About your question of what to do as far as work and what not. I guess you need to decide what is best then ask if it's right. (It's Sunday by the way). I don't fully understand the cutesy stuff totally but it looks like you are having a great time with it.

Hillbilly sister said...

I love snow even though the snowfalls come and stick to the roads the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Snow means no yard work!!! No bugs either!! It means staying inside and sew and do needlework. Baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling up under a blanket to read or watch a movie. I am sorry but I rather take the cold than the hot sweltering heat any day. Love your projects, keep them coming. Of course you are being a little girly, you can only do the boy stuff for awhile before it gets to you. By the way, to wyo sis thanks so much for the quilt block a day calendar. I have manage to do one a day so far. I am now addicted to quilting.

Big Sis said...

I ment that once a year was enough

Cindy Lee said...

My brother-in-law and nephew are Archers - very good ones, I might add, lots of awards/trophies - I agree it's a really interesting sport.

It's been snowing a LOT this year - we had about 10 inches on the ground and it snowed another 3 inches last night - and it's COOOOLLLLDDD here - it was 8 below this morning, lol!

Hope you get your job stuff sorted out - just wanted to stop by and say, "hey" haven't talked ot you in a while! hugs, Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee said...

LOL! maybe I should change my name to "wanna be sister", so I'll fit in with the rest of your posters, LOL, LOL, LOL!