Friday, January 19, 2007

Girl Math

I do believe I’ve figured out how the Coupon Cuties are “saving” all their money. I myself saved 35 dollars, give or take a buck, yesterday whilst shopping.
Granted, I spent twice that much in order to reap the savings, but we’re not talking about that right now, are we?
The first 18 dollars came from Staples. We have heard rumors that they give out 3 dollar coupons for each empty ink cartage returned to their business. Our new(ish) HP printer has six ink cartridges in it. So we’ve been squirreling them away as we change the ink. Yesterday we discovered we were out of yellow ink, so we made the trip into SLC to buy new supplies.
When we turned in our cartridges and were given seven 3 dollar coupons we were informed we could not use them all at once.
That would have been nice to know.
But in the grand tradition of coupon cuties, DH bought some ink and used three of the coupons for a total of 9 dollars and I bought more ink, using three more of the coupons.
We then went to Michaels (oh my!) where I found a wooden star, Zig pens, ribbon, (on sale, regularly $3.99, now 2 for $5) and scrapbook page frames ($5 each, normally 10 dollars apiece). And many other things I wanted (Stayz-on ink, square paper punches, scrapbook magazines) that I decided not to purchase.
DS-8 decided he had to have a volcano kit, and DS-12 picked up a handful of candy. When we went to the counter I asked the clerk if she had any coupons. I had no idea if Michaels had a current 40 percent off coupon, but it never hurts to ask.
As it happens, they did, so I saved about 5 dollars on the Zig pens.
Quite a lovely savings, if I do say so myself.
Of course, if we had stayed home no doubt we would have ended up saving ~ oh, I don’t know, at least 45 dollars. That does not include the cost of gas and of course eating out, which is mandatory when traveling to SLC.
Nonetheless, I did have a good time, and now I have a wooden star just waiting to be covered with pretty printed paper and ribbon.
I’m feeling so good about my savings I think I’ll go grocery and save another 10 dollars whilst purchasing 100 dollars worth of groceries.
I think that’s what they call “girl math.”


Wyo sis said...

Is that like "fuzzy math"? The coupon cuties must have a secret they are not telling, like those ladies that give you their recipe but leave out one of the ingredients. It probably goes something like this (you have to spend money to save money). I like the star and I would have gotten the square paper punch (and of course the pens), but, then again, I am in the mess I'm in because of overindulgence. I state, however, that I went to IF yesterday and spent no money at Barns and Noble. Quite an accomplishment for me. (I was not faced with pens, which would have been more difficult.) If we always did what we should life would be so dull.

Lani said...

Next time you go to Salt Lake you gotta go eat peruvian food! or is it Provo where they have it? I'll ask my brother, but you'll love it! Love your blog btw! :)