Saturday, January 06, 2007

A great day for our family

My DS-8 is officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was baptized today at the Stake Center by his father.
It was a low-key event. Partly because of the storms we have had all weekend, and partly because of Glen’s* surgery in Idaho Falls, none of the family was able to attend. The bishop wasn’t there either, because he was with his grandson in the temple that day.
Nonetheless, we did get him baptized and confirmed without incident.
Well, there could have been an incident.
If you look closely at the photos, you can see DS-8s legs appear to be black under his jump suit. When he dressed himself, he pulled the jump suit on over his black Sunday slacks. I thought it looked a little odd when they came out of the dressing room, but we were trying to get to the chapel for the opening exercises, and I was juggling DH suit coat and dry clothing, so I didn’t notice.
On second though, I should have noticed that while I had DH shirt and coat, and DSs shirt, I didn’t have the slacks for either one of them.
But fortune favors the absent minded. DH looked down, noticed DSs legs looked black, and took him back to the dressing room to change him before he ended up getting baptized.
If he had not, we would have been obliged to re-baptize the boy (you have to be dressed all in white) and he would not have had any dry clothes to wear home in the freezing weather.
After the baptism, we were sent to the Primary room for the confirmation. But as that room was full, we ended up in the nursery. Only two people got to sit on big chairs, me, as mother of the baptized, and Adam, as the one about to be confirmed.
It was a strange little party of women sitting with their knees up around their ears as the blessing was offered, but DH did a beautiful job and of course I cried.
It’s hard to get good photos of a baptism. We are not allowed to photograph the actual ceremony or the font, or the chapel. So we ended up shooting DH and DS in the hall. I tried to get something a little more artsy at the confirmation with DH (on the left) and the second counselor in the bishopric, with mixed results.
I am very proud of Adam taking this step, even though he did it in relative obscurity. I think of all the people who have gone before him, from my Mother ~ who claims she was baptized in Crow Creek in a red dress with her father wearing wading boots, to my DS-12, who was baptized with his two cousins ~ and I am so pleased to see Adam undergo this ordinance.
It’s a great start to the New Year.

*(Glen is my mother’s husband. I suppose I could call him my step-father, but while he is a very nice man, he is not my father)


lil bro said...

Great going A! Sorry we couldn't be there. Mom and G are back. It was a ball driving them back. Your family calendar is on the way.

Big Sis said...

Was that a "ball" or a "bawl"? I am glad he took that step also. I have heard of the wading boots, but not the red dress. The had open stream baptisms when I was a girl, so she was probably was baptized in Crow Creek but I don't know about the red dress or the toe coming up, which was always in the story she told me. Oh well she was baptized and is a member etc. so it must have passed muster. I had to work today so that stopped me. but I am such a weeny about driving in any kind of adverse weather situations and many times just because of "feelings that I shouldn't drive there on that day that I often miss out on things. I call him (Glen) Moms husband also. Can't bring myself to call him my step-dad. Even though I like him as a person.

Wyo sis said...

I was spared the horrible trip to IF (it was snowy and blowing and all around nasty) because we don't have two drivers at our house.
When I called later Mom said Glen was OK, and she had forgotten to take her heart pills, so I hopw she doesn't have a flutter tonight, it would be scary for her with on one to drive.
Congrats to A he looks great. I always thought a baptism should be low key. I much prefer low key in every respect. It's is good to have family there if possible, so I do feel bad about that. We will make up for it at Easter.
It's OK to call him Glen, that's his name.

Lorrie said...

Morning Alleen, what a shame you can't take pics of the ceremony - but I understand. Sorry you're family wasn't able to attend such a wonderful event. TFS!!

pudding for brains said...

That is Awesome!!
Wishing we were there...I hope that you all had a special experience. E is excited about baptism, and even more now that A did it!

Hillbilly sister said...

Adam looks so cute! I love him dearly. Our children had the opportunity to be baptized at the Mormon Tabernacle Building Baptismal Font. I believe it was Kirsten that had an unexpected visitor for her baptismal day. Our Apostle Elder David B. Haight happened to be there and he was attending for another member who was being baptized. He participated in the Confirmation ordination. It was an awesome experience! I also was volunteered to play the piano as well. I will never forget that day. I also treasure the time when my nieces and nephew were in S.V. Go Adam! Kiss the little darling for me.