Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Since I have nothing else to do ...

Just because I am a complete idiot with nothing better to do with my time, (*snort*) I started a layout a day challenge in January.
Nothing bad will happen if I don’t do the daily layout. I joined because I wanted to get back in the scrap room after a long Christmas vacation from creativity.
But the downside is I’m scrapping instead of blogging.
So I have decided to treat you all to samples of the layouts I am creating. Won’t that be fun for everyone?
I thought so.
Here’s the layout I put together yesterday.
DSs hate it. Too girly, they don’t like the doodles, etc.
I think it’s kind of cool.


Karen said...

I like it! What do boys know about scrapbooking anyway?

Wyo sis said...

Of course they don't like it. Love and boys, especailly boys age 8 through death, is not a good match. Especially if they are brothers. Get real. They may love each other, but let's not bring it up.
I hope you will blog at least a little, looking at blogs is my only recreation in the winter.

hillbilly sister said...

Have you noticed that men are now wearing pink ties and pink shirts? So what if the page is pink with curlies on it, it looks awesome!

lil bro said...

I see both points. It's about 30 or so before "being a man" isn't about not wearing pink or not going into a fabric store. Sometimes men never get over it.

The family calendar is on it's way.