Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another take on the BowlDoggs

Since we don't have nearly enough people making photo albums of Shane and Magon's wedding, I decided I needed to join in the fun.
Actually this, like many of my projects, serves two purposes. A few months ago Lori at Scrappily Ever After gave me two pieces of wood and some rings to make a book. The supplies have been kicking around on my table for quite some time reproaching me for not completing my assigned task of putting together an album for a class.
When Lisa sent me the photos of Shane and Magon I decided I needed to put them in a photo album, but Karen beat me to it. Still, I am going to make a tiny 6X6 album to display, and possibly teach a class at Scrappily Ever After.
I'm using the Crate Avenue line.
Isn't it pretty?
It comes with the punch out letters. I also bought a set of Crate Paper rub on words to help with the journaling, since I wasn't actually at the wedding. BTW Dogg, if you read this, I interviewed the man who designed the staircase in the Portland Temple last week and thought about you.
Anyway, after making the A you're adorable page from the supplies on hand I was struck with the idea of making an ABC wedding page. I hope it ends up classy, not cheesy.
So far I have thought of these letters:
A ~ adorable
B ~ bride
C ~ couple
D ~ either dance or dip for that sweet photo of Shane dipping Magon in a big kiss.
E ~ engaged, which could be a problem since I used the engagement photo on the A page. But I could use a wedding announcement from the paper here.
F ~ family (I need photos for this)
G ~ groom
H ~ happy
I ~ icing (a cake in the face photo ~ I need one of these, too)
J ~ joy
K ~ kiss
L ~ love
M ~ marriage or Magon ~ an informal photo of her.
N ~
O ~
P ~
Q ~ maybe quiet moment?
R ~ ring
S ~ Shane
T ~ temple
U ~
V ~ veil?
W ~ wedding
X ~
Y ~
Z ~

As you can see, there are a few holes in my plan. I'm open to suggestions and photos.


~Debby~ said...

What an AWESOME album this is going to be!
Love the idea!

Congrats...and.... Tag! HA! One of those lame-o blog tag things. The details are on my blog. Sorry in advance.;) but it isn’t a long one…

Karen said...

This is much better than what I did!

Karen said...

N - November
O - Ocean, Oregon
P - Presents, Promise, Priceless
U - Unite, Union
X - Excited, Extraordinary
Y - Yes
Z - ???

lil bro said...

X-Xena (Megon-worrior-princess)
E-Eternal or have you already done that. I can't remember your list.

kSTEVENSfam said...

I will send so more pics to wal-mart if you want I have Magon's senior picture one of shane on a fire some of them opening their gifts or present and one of them under her veil. I will send anything I can think of a letter for.

Wyo sis said...

Awesome! I love the idea and request copies of all the pages. I will send suggestions after I think about it a little more.

Wyo sis said...

Here are my words, now mind you I am not advocating for any of them, I just got out the dictionary and found them.
I love dip for D
N ~ New car
O ~ obsession occasion on the phone on our own
P ~ partners
Q ~ question quilts
U ~ Ubermensch (German for Superman) ultra_____ union unique unit
V ~ vehicle vest view viva
X ~ x-rated xerox
Y ~ Yawn Yes Yadda Yadda yin/yang yours
Z ~ ZZZZZZ Zoned out zany zest zillion zen

Wyo sis said...

meata was the word verification. Sorry