Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just a note

DS-8 is getting baptized on Saturday. Family members are invited. If you want more information, please, drop me an e-mail.


lil bro said...

Glen went down to I.F. today to have a hernia operation and mom went with him. T. and L. are going down sat. to get them we wanted to be there for atom's baptism but it looks as if we will not make it. Tell him we are proud of him.

Wyo sis said...

News for lil bro Mom needs two drivers, so it will have to be T and R who go to IF. I was pointedly told that it wouldn't do any good for us to go because G (my DH) can't drive. I suspect we will all find many opportunities to try to make up a set of drivers to go to IF in the coming weeks, unless G (mom's DH) improves very rapidly.
Anyway, we wish DS8 the best on his baptism day and regret that we won't be able to be there either. I hate winter driving and, as I am the only driver now, our travels are much restricted.