Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln ...

A barfing child, “interruption of service,” a foam- core castle, a funeral, a CHA party at the Pub, an A-Z wedding album and a story about hand stamps.
I suspect I’m the only one on the planet who can say this describes their last three days.
But let’s try to start at the beginning.
You all are pretty much up-to-date on the wedding album. Karen sent me more photos to fill in R (ring) T (temple) and maybe U (united). This all fits into my story somehow.
As to the CHA party at the Pub, it involves a message board (the Pub) dedicated to scrappers striving to either get published, or be on design teams, or get involved in the craft industry as scrappers in some other way. (as teacher, manufacturers, etc. You get the idea.)
Twice a year a crafters and hobbyists show is put together wherein manufacturers show off their newest goodies to be sold to retailers. It’s a big even for “pubsters” many of whom are on design teams, work for manufacturers or craft outlets ~ the rest of whom are simply excite to see what new goodies will be on their shelves.
But alas, a few unlucky souls don’t get to go to CHA (which happened to be in Anaheim, California this month) so we have consoled ourselves by offering on-line scrapping challenges with prizes offered to winners.
I missed most of the CHA Saturday, because I had friend over scrapping with me while I worked on the wedding album.
But a challenge was offered on Sunday, and I decided to give it a try. The challenge was to put together a scrapbook project using non-traditional items. Since DS-12 had spent the weekend building a foam-core castle for a sixth grade class project, I decided to use foam core and photos of the DS to put together a page.
Unfortunately, I made this decision in spite of the fact that I had other pressing duties, including church and a story deadline. (Well, the deadline was actually Friday, but I knew they wouldn’t need it until Monday, so I had put it off)
My scrambling to put together the layout meant I had to stay up until after midnight to write the news story.
My bad.
When I reached the point that I couldn’t focus anymore, I went to bed and got up early Monday morning to finish the deadline story.
Then, I was assigned the hand stamping story. It’s too long to explain, but I have a link to the story here. http://www.tooeletranscript.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=19297&Itemid=2
Apparently it's a hot topic, because it currently has more hits than any other story in the paper today. The announcement of a new "Hooters" in Wendover is running a close second.
DS-12 was sick, so he stayed home from school while I scrambled to call all of the elementary schools in Tooele County and searched for PTA presidents who were willing to go on record.
I also was working on a story about divorce, and planned to finish it by the Monday at 6 p.m. deadline, but decided instead to go to Wal-Mart, pick up the photos some food for the kids and some medicine for DS-12.
When I returned I found DS-8 asleep on the big chair in front of the television. He had a fever. This was about 6 p.m., DS-12 had been fed and was resting comfortably so I decided it was way past time to have a shower.
When I stepped out of the shower DS-8 appeared in the doorway wanting to take a shower because he felt ill. I started the water (still wearing a towel) and stripped him down when he started barfing.
After cleaning up the floor and getting him in the shower, getting dressed and throwing his clothes in the washer I told my boss I probably wouldn’t be able to get the divorce story to him until the morning. (This morning)
I finally managed to get everyone tucked into bed, including DH, who had been working late and didn’t get home until 11 p.m.
At 6:30 I was up and writing on the story. I made the deadline, but boss and I decided I needed to re-write the story because I didn’t have enough information to make it a good read.
By 11 a.m. I had the kids in the doctor’s office, where DS-8 was diagnosed with allergies and DS-12 was told he had asthma. We were given a handful of prescriptions and an appointment to return in one month’s time to see if the drugs work.
I dropped off the prescription, ran to my scrapbook store to pick up some more letters for the wedding album, ran to the grocery store for soup, picked up the prescription, warmed up the soup and, sigh, made it to my Relief Society meeting at 1 p.m. where we discussed funeral arrangements (for tomorrow) for a woman in the ward.
At 3 p.m. DS-8 called and told me the television wasn’t working.
The meeting ended, I came home, called Direct TV, then Quest, then Direct TV to be told our services had been “interrupted” at the request of Quest because of an outstanding bill. When DH came home he spent an hour on the phone trying to figure out why we still had phone and internet service, but no television service and, according to our bill, the money wasn’t due until Feb. 11.
I’m still not clear what’s going on, but I get to talk to Quest again tomorrow.
Since we don’t have television, the kids are sick and DH is tired, we were all in bed before 9 p.m.
All of us except me, of course. I’m writing this blog in case our internet services get “interrupted” tomorrow.
So that was my weekend. How was yours?


Wyo sis said...

Well, weekends like the one you just had and like I had for twenty years are the reason I take naps every day now. I wish you many years of naps starting sooner than I had to wait. I remember those years in Logan with the fondness of nostalgia, but I also remember I was so tired all I could think of on my graduation day was getting everyone out of my house so I could sleep. Here's hoping the next weekend is much calmer. I hope the boys are better and that they don't really have allergies or asthma. both of them sound like more than you need right now.

Cammeron said...

What a super cool Castle!!

Hillbilly sister said...

This sure brings back memories of the "good old days" when my kids were much younger. One year, I did nothing but be a chauffer. We had 1 kid in preschool, 1 in kindergarten, 1 in grade school, 1 in junior high, and 1 in High School. DH was in college. I was so thankful for any school breaks we had that year! I feel for you. I have found that the older I get, the busier I become. Or maybe it just seems that way because I get slower. Hang in there!

pudding for brains said...

holy cow...
so...what was the fever and barfing all about?

very cool castle. It'll be interesting to see it after it is sprayed!
YES. The dog...not the baby.
too bad the dog wasn't weaned yet (unbenounced to me) and she won't eat.
What to do... What to do...