Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cabin fever

Cabin fever does strange things to people.
My DSs have been busy making volcanoes.
DH is calling all of his sisters on the cell phone.
The cat is chasing marbles around in the tub.
And I am spray painting messages in the snow.
I’m kind of working on a scrap book idea, but then again, I’m kind of not working on it as well.
It’s not I’ve lost my mojo as much as it’s in a cabin fever induced stupor.
Rumor has it the cold snap (mid-20s, I know a heat wave compared to Wyoming) is going to break sometime in the next 14 days.
By then I will be sitting in a corner quietly cutting up bits of paper.
Oh, wait, I’m already doing that.


wyo sis said...

Sitting in the corner cutting up paper sounds like a wonderful afternoon to me! I prefer it to most other activities. Especially cleaning. I live a deadly dull life I suppose, but somehow I feel happy sitting at home. The side effect is that I have created A in my own image. She likes to sit at home as well, which is not exactly normal 12 year old behavior. Poor little thing. It's like being raised by sloths.

lil bro said...

You could try chasing around your stir-crazy dog that has figured out how to jump the fence. I don't blame him really we don't pay that much attention to him until he does something like that.