Sunday, January 21, 2007

Maybe it's not cabin fever.

Okay, maybe it's not so much cabin fever as a strong desire to take a nap coupled with the realization that I'm going to have to work my behind off this week and I should be cleaning something.
We have more snow. the "hello" is under about six more inches of the white stuff.
I would very much like to put a "closed for the season" on my front door and ignore the outside world.
Friday I went and spend a boatload of money for food on sale. Alas, the kids were home when I brought it in the house and they have been on an eating safari. They finished off two cans of Pringles today.
I'm trying to warn them there is no more where that came from, but they are eating their fool heads off. DS-12 is just starting into the teenage boy eat-everything-that-isn't-nailed-down phase and DS-8 has no control when it comes to treats.
Wyo. Sis. DS-12 has also inherited my sloth-like characteristics. DS-8 not so much. He'd love to be going all of the time. Poor kid, he has me for a mother.
Lil Bro. I know the dog problem. Our cat has developed a taste for the great outdoors, so now when we walk outside we kind of have to sidle out the door with one food pushing the cat back inside as we go. She jumps like a deer, so it's a pretty good trick leaving without her.

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lil bro said...

Angus is still on strike. He will follow our car to mom's and wait for us under her shrubbery then follow us home but will not let us get within 10 feet of him. I figured if he was going on strike then I would stage a lock out. I shut the back gate and thought that if he spent a night or two without his cave or chow maybe it wouldn't be so bad for him to be in the back yard. I'm afraid that if he continues to jump the fence we may have to give him the Woof treatment and put him on a zip line. We really shouldn't have a dog but I was out voted 5 to 1. I wish H would stop bighting her nails so we could get a cat.