Saturday, March 18, 2006

Act like you love each other

I have been working on this page for ages!
Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to scan and stitch it without success. *I finally resorted to photographing and cropping it.

Happy Birthday Lisa! I told you I had a layout in the works for you.

Journaling reads: Lisa had Abby, mace and Jake all dressed up for Jakes bsptisim but in order to get the perfect photos she put them together and said,"Act like you love each other."

Product list. pp from Rob and Bob slab. Heidi Swapp Ghost letters Primas assorted brads from SEI, Queen & Co. Ric Rack.

POD ~ just a quick shot of Utah's state bird, the California Seagull, demonstrating the gluttony that made them famous in Utah.


Susan said...

I love that LO!!

So the Calif Seagulls are Utah's state bird??? LOL that's funny!

kSTEVENSfam said...

Thanx for the b-day gift. They are cute little buggers.

I have a seagull story. When we were in Oregon my friends and I were throwing fries in the air and watching the birds catch them. One landed in my hair! You can picture the rest. I could have used a phone booth!

EK12 said...

Love the LO!!!

Love the photo of the Seagulls!

Your photo's are always amazing!!!

I can't wait for next weeks!

JoE said...

love the seagulls photo...

we have soooooooooooo many of those around here that I often take them for granted...

...until they poop on my car.

Julie Ann said...

Love that layout! Cute title.