Friday, March 10, 2006

Remember snail mail?

I was a slug yesterday and didn’t take any photos. But I do have some photos I took earlier this month at our local post office. According to the date engraved in the base of the building, the post office was constructed in 1933.
It still has all the pre-World War II bones, with dark, solid wood carving detail on the interior and solid brick and stonework on the exterior. In short, it is a building with character.
One of the things I find highly entertaining about the lobby is the red digital sign attached to the heavy chocolate colored wood. Bright red-dot words scroll across the screen announcing the time and the new price of stamps. Underneath in worn gold lettering are the words “United States Postal Service”.
I love the post office, but I’ve heard rumors it is going to be replaced by a more modern, more convenient, and frankly blander building.
While I can understand working in the old building has to be uncomfortable. I’ve toured the back rooms with my pre-school children and it is clear the space is drafty, barn-like and inconvenient. But I am still sad to think a building with such character will be replaced with just another generic efficient box of a building.
I suppose it is inevitable, the march of progress as another Norman Rockwell town tries to keep up with its neighbors. Change is good and it is better to see the town grow than watch it dwindle and die because it will not change.
But surely there must be some compromise less jarring than the red digital sign slapped on top of the aged and mellowed wood of the local post office.
Unfortunately, I don’t know the answers, I just pose the questions.

I have another conversion question here ~ which is better, the color or the black and white photograph? I am particularly proud of the shadow behind the eagle on this picture. The flag was waving and casting a shadow and I had the presence of mind to wait until it was in just the right position to highlight the eagle.
I think I am going to call this my official POD because the flag photo makes me kind of dizzy and the Civil Service photo is a little dark, although I do like the light reflections on the glass.

(click on the images to view larger)

For those of you playing the secret word challenge. I will post the page with the secret words on it later today. I am going to give away three prizes, one for each correct guess. Thanks for playing, I had a great time with it yesterday.

Update: Here is the secret word page. The secret words were "read, lamp," and "chew."
I used my new American Crafts paper, letter stickers and ribbon as well as some black cardstock, Karen Foster brads, PaperWerx Scribble & Scratch rub ons and hand lettering.
Thanks for playing and congrats Kathleen and Lisa who guessed "chew" and "light."


Kathleen Taylor said...

what a wonderful post office. Definately has character.

EK12 said...

I love your photos today! Well actually I love your photos everyday but this one has history! so to speak! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I love the Black and WHite photo best!

brown_eyes_sc2002 (Heather) said...

Great photos!!! Love the first one!!! Also, that is the most adorable layout. I love it!!!

Lani said...

it kind of makes me sad that they want to build another PO, but you are right... change is inevitable...

Barb said...

Great photos (love the b&w conversion)... and a fun LO with the secret words. :)

kSTEVENSfam said...

I will alway be a fan of B&W. It has more emotion than color.

Wyo sis said...

I still miss the old post office from here. I even have dreams about it occasionally (I have dreams about the old high school too) I don't want to grow up apparently. I like the black and white.

Bro said...

B&W. I like the flag shadow but if the pole shadow was also there it might make it easier to recognise.

horseygal said...

Too bad they can't preserve the post office to make it more effecient. I just love when they re-do and old building. So many places around here are doing that and I think it's such a great idea.