Thursday, March 02, 2006

Very Important Children

My children feel like they are Very Important today. DS-7 feels Very Important because today is the science fair and he finally has a chance to enter a project in the event. I believe he has wanted to participate in the science fair since DS-11 was in first grade and won first place in his division, thus granting him a visit to the district event.
DS-11 is also Very Important because this year he is in the science club, which means he displayed his project early as an example of how it should be done. He left for school early today to help set up tables and direct traffic as other students brought in their science fair projects.
Today after school he starts his first day in the computer club. Then at 6 p.m. we all go to see the science fair projects, and rush DS-11 to register for his months of classes to be a certified soccer ref. If he completes the course and passes the test he will earn $7.50 a game instead of his current wage of $5 a game. It’s not a bad income for a 11 year old, even if it is rather seasonal.
For those of you following the Photo a Day in March challenge, be prepared to see science fair photos tomorrow. I don’t know that they will be technically impressive, but they will be impressive to my Very Important children.

I took several photos yesterday and I’m still not sure which one I want to call the POD. I’ll post them all and let you tell me which one you like best, and why.

I was hit with a rare case of domesticity and decided to make a cake. While I was stirring the batter I decided to capture the moment with this photograph. I tried several angles but I like this one the best.

While I was in the kitchen cleaning up after my baking I noticed the light was perfect for photography. So I grabbed my camera and doodled around, catching this photo.

Of course my children saw me outside and had to join me. DS-7, who is a total ham for the camera, started jumping off the mountain that was once a rock garden and asked me to take some snapshots. Here are a couple of the results. I digitally removed a pole sticking up out of the ground, because it looked rather alarming to see the child soaring toward the dangerous looking object.

I am open to (gentle) creative criticism on the photographs.


Melissa said...

I like the second because of the light and your use of line...

Lana said...

I like the mixer one just because it is the most interesting. To me anyway but who knows WHAT that means! LOL :) :) It's nice and yummy and goupey, who doesn't love goupey, right?

bre said...

Cake... yum!

LizH said...

I really like the mixer picture. It would go great on a christmas layout about baking. LOL
I like the second one because of the light and shadow you used.


Wyo sis said...

No criticism. I'm just glad when we get a photo. It happens very seldom. I read the blog to keep up with you and fam not necessarily for the photos. They are often impressive tho. Science Fair is not something we have here so I am horrified to think of the work involved. Ashlee had only 1 year left in elemantary school after this one, so I hope we will escape. I do remember Karen doing one involving cow eyes or hearts or some such ghastly thing. Press on with your scientific guys the world needs scientists.