Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Big Chair

The time has come; we finally went and bought The Big Chair. After days of debating, going back to the store and visiting The Big Chair and sitting on the floor, we took the plunge.
The Big Chair is now the centerpiece in our basement. If a man’s home is his castle, The Big Chair is definitely DH’s throne.
We also bought the munchkins banana chairs. So now there is a place for everyone and everyone in their place for television watching. I get the couch, when I’m not on the computer.
The warehouse where we purchased The Big Chair is in an industrial depot, an abandoned World War II military depot.
The military depot fascinated me. Being a romantic at heart and having a keen interest in the World War II era I am intrigued by the buildings, pockmarked roads, and rusting train tracks that make up the depot.
It was built in the desert, which adds to the desolate feeling of the place. A storm was blowing in across the desert, it was early evening the sun had not yet set, but it was sending light slanting across the barren fields and neglected buildings in a most interesting manner.
I made DH turn around and go back so I could get these photos of what I believe to be storage units for ammunition.
A twisted tree standing strong against the harsh environment caught my eye, and when the family went in to look at

The Big Chair, I took these photos.

I’m not really sure if I prefer them in black and white or color. POD thoughts anyone?


Gwyn said...

B & W. Definitely. Makes it all the more stark.

Looks like a great Chair, too!

Raybo said...

Congrats on THE BIG CHAIR. A person just needs to get things now and then to make life just a bit better. I see little difference between B&W and color but I think color makes the starkness that much more real.

Debbie Hodge said...

omg, the "big chair" is too funny.

Like the color photo rather than b&w, that bit of brown grass adds to the mood.

JDexter said...

What a great place to wander! Nice pics :-)

shirley said...

Love The Big Chair!! I think everyone needs their own Big Chair!!

Love the B&W photos!!

Melissa said...

B&W... My DH said something about photography in this season (at least for those of us who live in cold climates) that has really stuck with me. Winter is the season of black & white... with so little color it just seems to work to go with black and white especially when photographing winter landscape... Can't wait for Spring and color :)

horseygal said...

definitively the color photo!

Patti said...

I'm voting for the colour photo of the tree and the B&W photo of the steel tank things. Okay I'm sitting on the fence. I think they are all great.
Now that chair looks comfortable

Barb said...

The colour photos with the dull browns really show exactly how dry and deserted that area is. Congrats on the chair... cool pic of the boys in it!

JoE said...

I love your landscape shots. I prefer the color though. Black and white captures the detail, but color shows how close to a black and white reality winters can be.

Wyo sis said...

I love the big chair! I don't give two hoots about the other stuff, but then I'm a sister not a photo critic.

lisaloojaxn said...

clever how you wrote BIG CHAIR so big. it *is* a big chair, "throne" was a good word for it!

i like the tank photo in B/W and the lone tree in color...I really like your composition in the tree one especially.

Susan said...

I prefer the color as well. Love all your shots! They look so professional!