Monday, March 20, 2006

Where can I turn for Spring?

While today may be the first day of spring, we are up to our ankles in snow, with more expected throughout the week ~ month ~ foreseeable future.
The weather reminds me of the song from the movie “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”
In this song they are morning the long winter with the words “April showers will come so they say, but they don’t, and it’s May.”
I’ve been singing that song in my head all morning.
Everyone is home from school today for a teacher prep day. Since my DH teacher is already prepped, he went with L and I to the dentist for our six month check-up. I dread these events and I have been worried about it for at least a month.
When I know I am going to the dentist, my teeth start to hurt and I’m sure he is going to tell me all of my teeth need to be filled or yanked out.
The good news is I only had one cavity, in the last remaining wisdom tooth that I have not had removed. So on Friday the tooth is going to be pulled. While the dentist and I were talking I said something like, “So we are going to have to yank it?” and he replied, “”No, we are going to gently extract it.”
Yah. Whatever.
DS-11 has a cavity too, but it is in his last baby tooth and it isn’t deep so he decided not to fill it in hopes the tooth will soon fall out on its own. After the last tooth is gone we have to take the child in to get braces.
We won’t be driving a new car any time soon.

My POD includes shots of the “spring” weather we are having and a photo I took of DS-11 in the dentist waiting room. I was interested in the reflection on the table, so I had him sit by it. He think’s he’s too cool for photographs, but I love his expression in this shot.

DS-7’s friend is coming to visit today and I plan to take a bunch of photos of the too of them plus his little sister. She is such a cute little stinker, I need her photograph so I can scrap some girl pages.


horseygal said...

great photos!
My pussy willow is doing this weird thing too, I wish I could get a picture of it!

Susan said...

I dunno, I almost like the term "yanked" than "gently extracted"!!! LOL

Bro said...

Your L looks like me! The hair cut and all.

EK12 said...

I love your photos and I have to say I LOVE the photo of DS The reflection is amazing in that photo!

Karen said...

ahhh...the dentist. I'm feeling the vague echos of tooth pain myself, which indicate that the crown I've been putting off for 2 years needs to happen soon. I hate spending so much on stuff like this!!!

Wyo sis said...

It's just too much that we have to pay for the pain dentists cause. Their efforts to tell us it's gentle are meaningless. If nothing else you get lockjaw from having your mouth open so long. My jaw hinge is still creaky from my last hour plus in the dentist chair, and I believe my crowns and root canals will be sensitive forever. I still feel a twinge every time I bite on my left side. He tells me a root canal takes out the nerve so it shouldn't hurt. HAH! :( Well, thanks for the chance to rant about dentists I feel so much better (mentally at least)(my mouth still hurts) I concur with L's gloomy expression at the dentist. I hope tomorrow (or whenever the snow is gone and the teeth are fixed) will be better for all of you.

Amy Sorensen said...

It's supposed to finally warm up by Friday (only to threaten more snow next week, of course). I'm trying to just enjoy it with the thought that it canNOT last forever, right? Good luck with that gentle tooth extraction on Friday...going to the dentist gives me nightmares!