Wednesday, March 08, 2006

He said, he said, he said, she said

Boys are funny creatures. Right now my youngest is thumbing through a catalogue full of birthday party packages. He has made me read to him, or has read to me the descriptions of a) dart frog packages. b) Harry Potter caldrons and c) soccer ball piƱatas. His birthday is in December.
Meanwhile the oldest is arm wrestling me for the computer so he can get on the internet and look up obscure facts about states including state songs and state birds. He has a school report due at the end of March.
When Logan was four or five years old, I listened intently to every word that came out of his mouth. I didn’t want to be one of those mother, you know, the kind that was too preoccupied with her own stuff to listen to her children.
Now I have perfected the art of listening to every fourth word and getting the general idea of the child’s interest. The boys change obsessions more than they change their underwear (which is in itself a subject best left unexplored).
DH is the same way. He has his own pet subjects and while I get the general idea, I sometimes miss the fine details. But I’m also pretty sure he couldn’t tell you the minutiae of my conversations about pretty paper and photographs.
When you get the family together we end up having a lively conversation that veers all over the map, with discussions ranging from children’s literature, to rather or not paper floats because it is made out of wood, to the likelihood of a toilet exploding while you are sitting on it.

Photo of the Day

Yesterday I went for my quarterly haircut. It’s not that I don’t like having my hair styled, I just generally don’t think about it until I can’t see past the fine stuff hanging in my face. I had it styled in a shaggy layered bob a la Heidi Swapp, without the cute perky blondeness.
The stylist put about four pounds of product in my hair to make the baby-fine stuff behave. It looked fabulous all day yesterday. But after sleeping on it all night, it’s a little sorry looking this morning.
My beloved son A told me I “look like you have spiders in your hair,” and added “It looks like Halloween.” Trust a kid to cut you down to size.
Anyway, while I was there I snapped a quick shot of the stylist chair with my hair in piles on the floor for my POD.


Melissa said...

Alleen! You tease! I hoping to you your new haircut!

Nikki said...

What a creative picture. Will have to remember that next tim DD goes and gets her hair cut. Would love to see the new bob...without the spiders in your hair look;P

JoE said...

good for you going for a new style...

I have the same problem--my hair always looks good right after it has been cut, but then overnight, voila--it gets messed up and never goes back....

Heather D. White said...

Love the photo!! Although I would REALLY love to see the new do! Isn't it the truth that it never really looks like it does when they style it in the salon? It also never feels or smells the same every again either. LOL!

EK12 said...

Love the photo! Wish to see the new you and well even with the spider look I still think your new do is probably amazing!!! I was just thinking yesterday I need to get mine cut again! Haven't found any place that has yet to mess it up!!

Wyo sis said...

Your photos are very interesting to me. You like contrasts and don't seem to want to get the whole of anything, except snapshots, which I assume you do not take for art's sake. I certainly am not a arty person, but I like the way you see things. The first time I realized you don't have to set up the kids and say smile everyone was when Lisa took pictures of just Ashlee's feet or hands. I like it, but I don't really want to take them, just look at other peoples.
As for the listening with half an ear, It's a great thing to perfect, but sometimes I find myself in a foggy world of half finished ideas. Sort of like those wierd movie scenes where it's a blur of color and sound. It's the non-druggy version of a trip.

Kathleen Taylor said...