Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just a few random photos

I have had a rather boring, work related day today so I don't have much new to post in the way of photos or news. I did an interview, blah, blah, blah. Went grocery shopping, yawn, yawn, it's raining again, whawww, whawwww, whawww.
So I'm going to post some of the spare POD shots I have taken through the month.

Katie loved the swing almost as much as the kids did. She is a climber, is our Katie. If she doesn't get outside to climb the tree she literally climbs the walls. But she was highly entertained when we put a rope in our tree and started swinging on it, because it made the rope twitch in a most entertaining way. She likes to catch birds, so we put a bell on her. Unfortunatly, on Sunday she appeared in livingroom sans collar. We don't know if she lost it outside or somewhere in the house, but we can't find it. Now she can stalk birds with her usual stelth.

The side of the marina of the Great Salt Lake is rimmed with these giant rocks. My kids love rocks, but when daddy suggested they crawl into the hole they declined. Maybe because I mentioned the possibility that snakes would love these little hidie-holes. L had a great time picking up rocks along the shore until he turned one over and found it covered with spiders. Even so, we ended up bringing several specimines home with us.

A has long since outgrown these yellow boots, but I keep them around because I love them. On Monday I took them outside and put them in the rain so I could get some wet day shots. I know, I'm a freak, but I am in good company.


Susan said...

You take the greatest shots of just ordinary things.....I LOVE the shot of the yellow boots!!

Monica said...

what great pictures!!! you have a talent for sure.. and I, too, love the boot picture!!

JoE said...

I love the boot shot!!!

Bro said...

I want a cat but "mom" won't let me. H is e-mailing L.

Wyo sis said...

Dear Bro, What are you a man or a mouse? Oh, maybe thats why mommy won't let you have a cat. Alleen, Katie is a fabulous feline. She is not unlike Buckbeak aka Bucky. The difference is Bucky's little anal retentive mommy won't let him go outside unless he is with her and on a leash. Poor little restricted thing. He made one escape in January and the weeping and wailing was terrible to behold. He may live longer, but as Sis. Perkes said about low blood pressure "half alive for twice as long." Love the boots. You should take one in the rain with snow on the ground and bare feet in tiny little sandles as I saw one of our first graders on the playground yesterday. Clearly her mommy should be a little more anal retentive. Heigh Ho it's off to the last two days of school before Spring Break. The two longest days of the year.

horseygal said...

your kitty is quite the character!
What cats lack in "good atitude", they certainly make up for in comedy!