Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Pi Day

Today is my DH birthday. A few years ago he discovered his birthday is on Pi day ~ Pi being some mysterious mathematical equation using the numbers 3.14. and something else I can’t remember. (I think it has something to do with circles, but I’m not sure)
Anyway, as an elementary school teacher he likes to make a fuss about the pi day and pie day, and serves students pie on his birthday.
At some point today I am planning to go and buy him a pie for his birthday treat. We have already bought The Big Chair for him, although we all love to sit in it. And I have shrimp to put on the barbie for his supper.
Our family tends to be a little low key about birthdays, but I still want to send a shout out to the big guy.
Hey babe, I love you. Thanks for making my life so wonderful and have a great day!
Today is also my niece Lisa’s birthday.
Lisa, I made a card for you and I'm working on a layout. (well in my head at least) Look for it. Are you planning to go to Wyoming for Easter, if you are, I can give them to you then.

I failed to clean anything yesterday. But I did spend six hours working on a story for the newspaper about three men in our community who received the “Silver Beaver.” The highest award an adult Boy Scouts of America leader can be given on a local level.
While I did a competent job of it, I don’t think it was my best work because my heart wasn’t in it.
Today I need to continue pursuing the story about local high school art students. I was treated to some snotty behavior on the part of their art teacher yesterday. Last week I did a story about the students painting a mural on the wall of a local cell phone business. I thought it was a nice “atta boy” story. Remarkably dull, but it gave the students some kudos.
The painting was a cartoon depiction of people around the world using cell phones. The phone company representative was telling me about the painting and said one image showed students using their cell phones to cheat on their tests.
I mentioned this in the article.
The art teacher came unglued.
Apparently she called my editor with her panties in a wad because I had written that the high school art program condoned cheating. Um, no, I’m just quoting the cell phone company representative.
My editor is completely supportive of me as a writer, but he agreed to run a correction in the paper saying the art teacher is not pro cheating.
I would let the whole thing roll off my back if she wasn’t standing in the way of my writing the next assigned article.

Since I had such a nutty day yesterday I didn’t get any photos taken, so I am using some shots I took the other day while we were in the living room waiting for it to be time to go to school. The first is our cat, Katie, sunning herself. The second is my oldest son reading the newspaper.


horseygal said...

Love that kitty, she is so beautiful!!!
Your son is very handsome also!

Wyo sis said...

Love those hyper-sensitive art teachers! A drawing of cheating is not a pro cheating stance. It is merely recording an observed use of a cell phone. Don't even try to appease her, you can't so why worry. Maybe I'll write a letter to the editor just to give her panties an extra twist. I just love to annoy the over sensitive!