Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring swing and the fall

Just a quick entry as I should be getting ready for church. We had our first springish weekend day yesterday and spent it outside. Although we woke to a skiff of snow, by 10 a.m. it was gone and DH was out pruning the roses.
A wanted me to take him to the playground, so while L and DH worked in the yard, A and I went and played on the swings. He didn’t like the slide because it was all wet, but he did like the swings.
I took some snapshots of him playing on the “Spider” I like it because the toy is just so interesting. I might have to go back again when the light is better.

Later we went to Home Depot and the boys spotted this swing. We bought it and put it in our tree. The boys had a great time swinging, and the cat had a great time chasing them while they were swinging. She seems to be under the impression everything we bring into the house is strictly for her amusement.
Yes, she loves The Big Chair. Anyway, I was pressed into service to take some more photos, and the kids laughed until they cried when I caught this series of A falling off the swing.
I realize I don’t have any photos of L yet, there’s a reason for that, he doesn’t like to have his picture taken. But never fear, March is a long month.

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horseygal said...

Gotta love those cats!

JoE said...

Love the photos, your description of the weather almost makes me feel guilty for being able to use my pool already (notice I said "Almost").

Wyo sis said...

Interesting swing for boys. It might be a little uncomfortable on occasion. But that is just an idle thought form a mother and teacher who sees boys do uncomfortable things from time to time. I am so jealous. (as for joe I won't even speak of my intense green eyed dismay!) We still have 2 feet of snow, but the sidewalks and roads are bare at last. some fanatical gardeners are already digging out thier greenhouses. Not me mind you.

Gwyn said...

Look at that, just in t-shirt sleeves!
We got all that snow today. Pretty, though. It'll be gone by tomorrow afternoon, I'm sure.

Tawnya said...

Look at that fun swing! Looks like a fun day. :)