Thursday, March 16, 2006

No TV? Freak out!

I freaked my kids out last night, I turned off the television.
DH went to bed early, really early, like 8 p.m. At about 8:30 I realized there was nothing on television I wanted to watch so I turned it off and started reading.
Shortly thereafter the boys started circling.
A was first. He tends to want to sleep early too so he began asking me if it was bedtime yet. I told him he could go to bed before the appointed time, but he had a hard time figuring out that concept. Before bedtime? No, that’s just not right.
But he eventually became bored enough to go to bed without a fight.
L was a little more concerned. He wanted to know if I planned to turn on the television after he went to bed. Or did I plan to play on the computer. Certainly I wasn’t planning to go to sleep too?
When I went to tuck him in he confessed he find’s it easier to go to sleep if I am awake in the basement.
After reading for a while, I went to bed and had just settled in when I heard L talking. “Where’s A---?” Since the boy is prone to sleep-walking I told him everything was fine and to go to bed. Then I heard him run/fall down the stairs. The lights were out, and the basement is plenty dark at night.
DH and I went in to check on him and he wandered up the stairs, still asleep saying “I wanted to … I was checking.”
Then he went back to bed.
When I asked him about it this morning he said the only thing he could remember was knocking on A’s bedroom door.
L had a real problem with sleep walking. He tried to leave the house one day, but we caught him before he escaped. I understand I was a sleepwalker too, and I still talk in my sleep. I heard a story on television the other day about a woman who binge eats in her sleep. That sounds like something I would do.
Too bad I can’t convince my unconscious mind to do something useful like fold laundry, wash toilets or run on the treadmill while I am slumbering. Heaven knows I’m not going to do it while I am awake.

POD viewers, I’m still using photos from the funky house. Today I thought I would ask you opinion on my black and white conversions of some wrought iron work. I was fascinated by the shadows cast on the snow. Thoughts, cc welcome.


Lani said...

I wanna be you and take pictures like you! lol

Kathleen Taylor said...

this is just absolutely beautiful! i love these photos. I really do. Awesome eye!

Gwyn said...

No TV? Go to bed early? What a great concept!

I love the b 7 w conversions. Somehow it tranforms the wrought iron into something more abstract. Very cool.

Mar said...

Loving that close up! The snow looks sooo fluffy LOL!

Susan said...

My DH was a sleepwalker as a child. He did "escape" one night and had to be brought back home by one of the neighbors! LOL

Alleen, I LOVE the black and white photos! I directed my DH to your blog yesterday to show him your pics of Utah and he said he could tell that you know photography and you have a talent for it.

horseygal said...

These are GREAT!!
The shadows in the snow are really cool! (no pun intended)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

LOVE the pics!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Carol said...

Very, very interesting ideas in these captures! I love your b&w conversions, too. Your snow is so nice and bright and white yet not blown out. I really like these!

Amy Sorensen said...

Great eye was drawn to the shadows on the snow right away.

I'm a sleepwalker too, so I totally get how your son feels. It is just such a strange experience.

Karen said...

I have never known a sleepwalker! This is so bizarre that both of your boys do it. I had no idea.

EK12 said...

I love the photos!!! I wish I could take photos like you!!! I'm learning though!

kelly edgerton said...

I love the shadows in the black and whites. They add a lot of depth.

As for sleepwalking, my dh once found me outside. But that was when I was pregnant, I've not done it since then. It's a scary thing though. My son is a sleepwalker and I think I sleep less sound because I always have an ear out for his wanderings. My bro is a genetic scientist and he claims it is hereditary. (?) Keep in mind, he believes EVERYTHING is heredity.

Wyo sis said...

Ah, but the genetic science is so often right! I've watched two generations (sometimes three) of children go through school here and I have a hundred examples of genetics at work. It's apalling at times.
I too like the black and white curliques. Sometimes what you see and what you get are not the same thing!