Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Housework, Grrrrr!

I don’t have much to say today. I spent most of the day yesterday doing chores. I have been reminded why I prefer scrapping to doing chores.
(1) Chores are not any fun.
(2) Chores are never done.
(3) The second you finish, you have to start all over again.
I had just finished cleaning by washing off the kitchen counter and headed into the living room to read until DH came home. As I walked into the room I saw his car drive past the window. I sat down for less than a minute before I had bottle caps, opened mail, and assorted other items scattered across the counter.
I’m taking A to the dentist today to see if we can get X-rays without him gagging on the film. I passed this wonderful gag reflex on to my child. He’ll gag if he hears someone clearing their throat in another room, poor little monkey.
Right now he is fairly cheerful, I hope the gas helps him relax for the dentist.
I played around with depth of field for my photo of the day yesterday. I think I prefer the photo that focuses in on the plant. I like the water drops on the leaves.


horseygal said...

I like the second one also!

Lisa said...

i like the plant in focus best too. it is fun to play with DOF!

Adrienne said...

Great! I LOVE playing around with DOF!

Amy Sorensen said...

You know...housework is SO frustrating. You can't just do it once and say "there! It's done!" It just keeps coming up over and over and over. Sometimes I tell myself, "self, why bother? 'Cause tomorrow it will just be messy again." Sometimes you need a break! Especially when you've been caught in the house on account of all the snow!

I like the second photo best, too!

Bro said...

I gagged on reading the word gag (gack!). Maybe it's the Dutch in us. They gag when they talk all the time, it's the hard G sound. I like the secong one too but then I'm near sighted.

Wyo sis said...

Dear Bro it sounds like you gagged on your choice! To Alleen --- here is the formula --- if you can remember cleaning it, it is not time to clean it again! This applies not to counters which are a test of our faithfulness, along with dishes and bathrooms, but to cleaning closets, behind refrigerators, and other discouragements of that ilk. If you look at my closets you will see how well I have applied this rule!

Gwyn said...

I completely agree with your photo choice. Nice photo.

My mom used to wear an apron my grandma made here that read "To he## with housework!" I kind of like that philosophy!