Monday, March 13, 2006

We've got cabin fever

I guess I’m ready to start another week.
I had funky dreams last night because I need to be writing a story and I’m having a hard time getting in touch with the people I need to interview. They are high school students, and high school students are difficult to interview under the best circumstances. But last week I interviewed the same group of kids and their art teacher took exception to something I wrote in my story, so she is not precisely cooperative.
I would much rather be cleaning my house.
Yes, that tells you how reluctant I am to be doing the interview. It also tells you how desperate I am to have a clean house. Last week was grey and snowy. We all kind of holed up in front of the television with bowls of popcorn. The place looks like a cave.
But A has been entertaining us during our winter seclusion.
He started with a long discussion about his “pooping reindeer.” One of DH teacher friends gave us a plastic reindeer that “poops” jelly beans. A insisted we buy jelly beans and told us “it’s fully loaded,” when it was ready to go. The first jelly bean out of the toy was a black licorice, a flavor no one in the family likes. So A said “I’m not going to eat that poop.” Finally he managed to work out a tasty jellybean and announced “Finally! A good poop!”
This morning he dropped his toast and said “dang, butter side down.” I guess you had to be there. He was just so matter-of-fact about it I couldn’t stop laughing.
My photo a day selection today illustrates our family’s retreat. The first is a shot of snow on the deck. The second is L looking through a scrap book my mother gave me a couple of years ago. He has been studying genetics and family history in school.


Susan said...

I hear ya about the cabin fever. It's not like we get snow here (well this year we did!) but it's been cold and I'm ready for 60's instead of 40's.

Corinnexxx said...

ooh so do not like to clean! great picture of your son!


Bro said...

40's Susan? I would love 40's. Try 10's. I call what you had with A. "HTBT" (had to be there). This blog thing is starting to get out of hand with a sis, bro-in-law,two nieces and grand niece and nephews all having blogs. Blog on Zena!

Wyo sis said...

Teenagers ar so busy these days. I don't remember being that busy. What did you say that the teacher didn't like? I find that long discussions of poop (not always the candy kind) are a rather lower elementary thing. Often unpleasant. I have several (more than 5) third graders who have their fingers in their noses up to the second knuckle every time I look at them. OK everyone does or has done it, but by third grade it's time to keep it a secret. (I have also seen little girls giving themselves a good time on more than one occasion. So that's why they love horses!) Oh! I'm off the subject! Suffice it to say my cave has reached a new low as witnessed by the fact that Ashlee spent two hours this evening cleaning out my fridge and putting away clean clothes! I think she wants a raise in her allowance, but it could be that the filth finally got to her.
A's remark reminds me of the easy button commercial where the wall goes up and the general (or whatever he is) is on the wrong side. DANG!
Don't let L look too closely at the family beauty genes he could get REALLY depressed. On the other hand we are sturdy, live long and be ugly!