Friday, March 17, 2006

A series of events

Last night at bedtime my DS-7 came out of his bedroom holding a toy and crying. The toy was a Fantastic Four action figure, and it had broken from all the action. Now A is quite a sensitive little soul, but I admit I was a little exasperated by his reaction to the broken toy.
So I took him to bed and tucked him in and he just started sobbing like his heart was broken. I was puzzled, because I had no idea he had a particular attachment to the toy, but I sat and talked to him and eventually he told me.
“My best friend gave me that toy for my birthday.”
Then I understand the deepness of his loss, because I remembered K had come to play with A for his birthday. K and his family moved about an hour away last summer to be closer to his father’s job. They now live on a military base (although his father is a civilian, he works for the base). Since both parents families live in this town, they come back frequently, but not often enough for A who would like to be able to play with K once or twice a week.
K was in A’s kindergarten class, and I think the friendship helped my son, who is quite shy.
I had no idea A was still mourning the loss of this friend, although he frequently asks if K can come and play. It’s so hard to get the families together; I usually just change the subject. But I guess my son was nursing a greater loss than I realized. So last night I prayed for help finding a friend for A.
This morning, out of the blue, K’s mother called, “just to talk.”
I haven’t heard from her in probably three months. I told her the story of A’s heartbreak and she agreed to bring K for a visit on Monday. The kids are out of school for a teacher prep day, and although K lives 50 miles away, he is in the same school district and will also have the day off.
It may seem a small thing, but to me it is a miracle that a loving Heavenly Father cares enough for my 7-year-old boy to prompt his friend’s mother to call me. True, I was planning to call her this morning anyway, but she called me first.
During our conversation I was able to help her with something she has been struggling with, as well.
The morning’s events has reinforced to me how important people are to each other, and how much we can help each other in small and great things simply by following our heart, the promptings of the spirit, or whatever you want to call it.
POD today is the last of my funky house photos. (I have more, but they are less interesting.) Tonight I am going with my DH family to our annual hockey game event and I hope to bring home photos from the game. It is a professional game, and I’m not even sure if they will let me in the building with my D-Rebel, but I am going to try.
Do any of you have tips for shooting in an arena? I don’t plan on taking much in the way of sports shots. I am going to be more interested in taking shots of the faces of the family members watching the game.


horseygal said...

Wow, what a beautiful reminder of the power of prayer!
We all need to be gently reminded, and it was so cool that you helped this friend in the process!

Bro said...

I went to a fight one time and wouldn't ya know it... a hocky game broke out! Looking forward to Easter and seeing you and your bunch.

Bro said...

Sorry "hockey"... you know the only one in our family that can spell is the deff one.

Carol said...

I really like how you make the ordinary seem exraordinary. You inspire me to look at everyday things with a different eye.

Wyo sis said...

Poor A it;s good to remember our children's tender souls occasionally. My advice for taking pictures in an arena, although not professional, is don't.