Friday, March 03, 2006

We have a winner

Attention, Attention, we have a winner.
Adam is the official holder of a blue ribbon for his “what happens when you put flowers in colored water” science experiment.
This is a little amazing, as there were at least four other students with the same experiment on display. But we took it to another level and also did an experiment with the plant food that came with the flowers. Adam had a good time watching his flowers change color. I was fascinated by how well the plant food preserved the flowers.
He was so happy! I have a series of photos from when he discovered the win, but the room was dark and the photos are poor quality. This morning I took some more of him with his ribbon in our bed. I’m not sure, but I think he slept with it last night.
Logan didn’t even place in the science fair, which is also something new. He has won a ribbon every year previous to this.
But he was philosophical about it. As a member of the science club, he had to make his project early and it was displayed in the hall of the school for a couple of weeks to give other students ideas. One student did a project very much like Logan’s and the two were displayed together. There go all the points for originality.
We also saw a paper airplane experiment, with graphs, very much like the one Logan did last year.
Next year is Logan’s last year in grade school. He decided he will still try to be in the science club next year, but he’ll make two projects, one to display and a second super secret one to put in the fair as a dark horse.
Right after the science fair we took Logan to his first class to certify as a soccer referee. He had been running since 8 a.m. helping set up the science fair. He arrived at the soccer meeting late, and we didn’t have a notebook for him, so David walked over with one for him after we arrived home. A few minutes later, they both came home. Apparently Logan started to feel sick.
This morning he’s home with me. He has a fever, sore throat and a tender stomach. He started coughing Wednesday night after running laps with Scouts. I think he needs to take it easy for a day or too. This week he’s had a pretty heavy duty schedule for an 11 year old.
Just for my POD friends. I’m having something of a conflict between my art photos and my everyday snapshot photos. How do you manage to get nice family shots without setting things up?
As always I appreciate input in my photographs (I know the gym photos are underexposed, I just put them in for my family to see.) I’m calling the photographs taken of DS on the bed my POD photos. Tell me what is good and bad about them, please.


Melissa said...

Practice Alleen... soon your snapshots will look less snapshotty (Ok that can't be a word) and the conflict will lessen. I like the one in color :)

Renee said...

I think snapshots are important. For awhile I was starting to take pictures that were more "formal" I mean of their face or looking and posing for the camera, and then I realized that I had not taken any pictures of activities in months. So now I am trying to do more of both. I want some great pictures of their face looking beautiful, but I also want some more snapshots of them just doing their thing.KWIM?

Corinnexxx said...

Hooray! like the shot he looks so proud!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

He looks like he is SO happy! Cute pics!

Miki said...

Fellow mom of a boy here and I have just resigned myself to be happy with any photo of him lately. Every shot he sticks his tongue out! But when I do get a good shot I am thrilled! I guess it just makes it more special that way, LOL! But if all else fails a few bucks usually will win him over.

Karen said...

Congrats Adam! that's awesome.

shirley said...

CONGRATS to Adam!! Totally cool!!

Lu said...

snapshots are some of the hardest pictures to take. It is when you stop "trying" so hard and enjoy the process that you achieve exactly what you were looking for. Hang tough, A. You are so on your way to being an incredible picture taker. I get a little insecure about my photos, too. But that is just my inner critic complaining!

Anonymous said...

Not an expert, but they look good to me. Adam looks triumphant. Good news. The identity thing doesn't leave a place for my name so I'll sign in here. Love ReNae

Anonymous said...

Hi from Meg, I like the colour shot of him on the bed- it reminds me of all the times my son gets something he loves so much he sleeps with it. I'm with you on the snapshot thing, and that's why I'm really trying to capture something real each day for March (even though I'm not winning yet). The joy of digital, just keep snapping until you get something great without having to pay for all that printing...